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There are several types of pain that react positively to cannabis treatment. Cannabis treatment for pain is real because so many people have attested to it. While it might seem like a mystery to you, the marijuana plant is one of the best alternatives to aiding people with chronic pain and this has been the case for centuries.

The only mystery is the type of strain to use and the consumption methods that work the best. Even though, studies and people have proven that cannabis treatment is good for pain, there is still something to be said about how to map out the strains, dosages and products successfully. More studies would definitely prove to be beneficial in finding out this information.

But until the feds open up the opportunity for more research, there is a lot of trial and error, which means that we have to possibly rely on our own experimenting or those of others. Let us take a look at some of the ailments that react positively to cannabis treatment.

Migraine and Headache and Cannabis

There are so many people that can attest to chronic pain in various places in the body, but especially the neck and head. Migraine is the number one illness that many people suffer from and use cannabis to help them get over it. Some people use THC or CBD drops to counteract the pain for an extended period of time. Other people smoke weed or use a vape pen instead. No matter the method you use, the results will be the same. It is important, though to maintain a steady routine, preferably at night.

For some people, prescription pills do not work for long and you can get addicted to them. If you are going to use edibles, it is best to check the dosage first so that you don't overdo it. Some avid users of recreational marijuana might not have known the benefit of it until they started getting migraines and headaches.

The medicinal value for many people is evident when they have to consider it as a means of cannabis treatment. It can be used in the form of a tincture with a desirable ratio of CBD and THC so as to get a synergistic effect without the high.

Joint Pain and Cannabis

There are many people who suffer from arthritis in different parts of the body, but especially the hands, knees or fingers. It happens a lot in older people, but there are younger people who suffer from joint pain in some form or the other and for different reasons. Athletes, for example, have had various injuries that cause joint pain.

Some people take muscle relaxers such as ibuprofen to get rid of the pain, but in most cases, this does not work for too long. Cannabis treatment is long term as long as it is done on an ongoing basis.

Edibles and vape pens seem to be the norm for some who have suffered joint pain, but the proper dosage for edibles in this case is also important. The vape pens are better at proper dosage since you can only put so much weed in them.

Final Thoughts

Those who prefer edibles as a solution, it is not the best thing to make the product using a high level of THC. It is best instead to make sure that there is an almost equal dosage of THC and CBD.

For instance, if you don't want to be too intoxicated with weed, be sure that the THC level is below 8% or less. In that case, the CBD would be of a higher level and you would get the same results without the high.

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