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The medical cannabis registry in the state of Colorado has gone through a few alterations in the past few years. If you have not yet done a renewal on your medical cannabis card as a resident of the state of Colorado, you might want to do so now since some things might have gone through changes without your immediate knowledge.

One of the major differences in comparison to 2018 is that the paper cards are null and void and are no longer the standard way that the state legislature issues these cards. Instead, a replacement was done to use digital documents rather than paper cards. You should definitely try to become familiar with the new system of how they do things now.

We have put together a fast and easy guideline on how to renew your medical cannabis card with the state of Colorado. This is especially new for even first timers who want to apply for a medical cannabis card in Colorado.

Ensure Eligibility

To ensure your eligibility, it is best that you log into the system. If you are aware of your status of eligibility and know you have to renew, the same thing should be one. If you are new to the system, eligibility is the one thing you have to find out so you don't waste your time. Everyone has their own unique situation and so this is not a cookie cutter. If you are not sure about your status of eligibility, you must check if the eligible illnesses have been updated or changed.

Gathering Documents

There are certain documents that you should gather for your medical cannabis card and these include a valid ID; whether it is a driver's license or other government ID from the state of Colorado. You will also need your social security number, and a method of payment, which could be a debit or credit card or the bank account and routing information.

In addition, you should probably gather medical documents that could be relevant to your evaluation. If you are still using your same doctor and you cannot find your medical documents, you can request them from the doctor. If you are using a new doctor, you could have your old medical files transferred to your new doctor.

Making an Appointment

When you have your medical documents, then you should then make an appointment with the doctor that you are going to consult with. You have a wide range of options in the Denver, Colorado area and throughout the whole state. One of the favorites is Cohen Medical Center.

No matter which one you choose, just make sure that it is a physician that you are comfortable with. Medical care is a personal choice and you should always be at ease upon making your choice.

Show Up on Time

Show up to your appointment on time because renewing your medical card is of high importance. When you get there early, it means that you will have enough time to handle the paperwork and then see the doctor. Bear in mind that this particular doctor's visit is going to be longer than you expect.

Check Registry Account for Ways to Renew

If you sent in your application by mail before, you have to now create an account in the system when you are trying to renew your medical cannabis card. This makes it easier to check your status in the future once your information has been entered into the digital system where you can log in when you want to check.

Upload Required Documents

Use the same digital system to upload all required documents. One of the most important documents to upload is the doctor's new recommendation and other related documents such as caregiver information.

Final Thoughts

Other things you need to consider for your medical cannabis card renewal is the cultivation information, if you are growing weed at home. Next, you will be required to pay all the necessary fees and then lastly, wait for the approval. When the email notification arrives for your approval, retrieve all the documents and save them.

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