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There are a handful of best strains of cannabis for ADD. It’s difficult for some people to see medical marijuana as an effective treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder in adults.

Most people have a picture of a stoned smoker who can barely string a sentence together in their minds. This makes it difficult for them to see this medication as helping a person concentrate and focus on tasks.

ADD is a condition where the sufferer has difficulty focusing and concentrating on various tasks. In children, there is a variation of this condition that includes hyperactivity, but it’s not as prevalent in adults.

Researchers have noted that the use of cannabis can trigger dopamine centers in the brain and help relieve the effects of ADD.

With so many strains of cannabis available, it’s difficult to know what effects each strain has and how it can be affective for helping patients with ADD.

Strains fall into two categories: sativa and indica. When a person is looking for more energy or needs to get their creative juices flowing, they need to look for a sativa strain.

For those looking to calm down and focus, they can benefit from an indica strain. Here are a the best strains of cannabis for ADD.

Best Strains of Cannabis for ADD

Uncle Andy

This indica cannabis has a heavy skunky scent and attaches the smell to the room and everything inside of it. While smoking it, there is a fruity taste that can be quite harsh and heavy on the lungs and throat. It’s one of the most potent strains available. It features light and dark shades of green with orange hairs throughout the mixture.

Blue Dream

This cannabis is a unique hybrid of both indica and sativa qualities. It smells of soured blueberries and almost has the scent of soured peaches mixed into it. The sweet taste feels very smooth when inhaled.

It’s described as leaving the smoker feeling calm but uplifted. This cannabis features light green leaves with hairs of a bright orange color.

Bubba Kush

This is an indica hybrid that smells good with a hint of perfume scent. It offers the smoker a lightly sweet taste with a bit of tanginess and edge. Smokers report a good head buzz, but that it dissipates quickly. It’s rated as medium potency. The buds are a medium green with amber and orange threads throughout the mixture.


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Purple Haze

Purple haze is a sativa hybrid that smells like a sweetened red grapefruit. The taste of this cannabis is a little tangy and sometimes tickles as it is inhaled. The effects include a lot of energy without a jittery feeling.

Since the effects last a long time, it’s considered a high potency strain. Despite the name, this medical marijuana is a dense nugget of light green leaves with plenty of orange hairs throughout.

Shiva X

This is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis. Smokers say that the initial kick is very strong although it mellows out over time. With a hint of pine and spice, the scent is mostly a fruity one. The taste is more spicy than fruity and leaves the nose tingling.

It is considered high potency and kicks up the heartbeat when first inhaled. It features a lumpy, light green color with orange hairs mixed in.

Double Dutch

Double Dutch is a hybrid mixture of 60-percent indica and 40-percent sativa. It smells of both fruit and flowers while offering a smooth dank taste when inhaling it.

After inhaling, the smoker enjoys a period of high energy and creativity that eventually mellows in to a relaxed state. It looks like large, light green flowers with orange hairs that are coated in crystals.

Conclusion on Best Strains of Cannabis for ADD

With a little study and experimenting, a patient with ADD can find many benefits from cannabis.

Medical marijuana has been proven effective for numerous conditions.

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THC has been studied at numerous Universities and doctors have proven its ability to alleviate symptoms of a slew of medical problems.

Attention deficit disorder can be effectively treated with medical cannabis.

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