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You might not have heard about THC patches and how they can benefit you and other users, but we are here to tell you about. Fortunately for you, THC patches exist to give you a daily dose of pain relief without having to smoke a joint, blunt or bong; neither do you have to use tinctures or creams or even edibles to get that effect. THC patches are known as transdermal patches and these have been known for nearly forty years. In fact, the FDA approved one of those patches in 1979.

But, this one was used for motion sickness, vomiting and nausea. Soon after, the FDA approved another patch to help patients who had heart problems. TDDS was introduced to the marketplace in 1991 and it helps patients with nicotine addiction. Smokers would wear the patches anywhere on their body to try to kick the habit of smoking tobacco-related products.

With medical and recreational marijuana becoming prevalent since the early part of the twenty first century, the next rational product was THC patches. So, we now have to get used to these products and know exactly how they work for you.

The THC Benefits

THC Patches and How They Benefit the User

THC content is known to be the deciding factor of whether you get high or not and how high you get, depending on certain things.

THC is also known for its ability to kill cells related to cancer, alleviate chronic inflammation and pain, increase appetite, reduce vomiting and nausea, treat neurological conditions including PTSD and reduce anxiety. To simplify it, the THC patch is made with adhesive similar to a band-aid and it is thinly coated with plastic. The plastic is infused with THC, which is a cannabinoid.

You can use these patches to get immediate or overnight relief from anxiety and pain; chronic or not. To get the most out of this product, it is best to apply it directly to where you are feeling the pain on your body. Most areas are the arm, wrist and ankle. Once you put on one of these THC patches, you body temperature heats up the patch; causing it to release a specific amount of THC. This then goes through the skin and directly in the bloodstream.

Your Awareness

Be aware that you won't get high from using one of these THC patches. Your body is absorbing the cannabinoid in a slower way than it would, if you were smoking a joint. In fact, it might be several hours before it starts working. This might be excellent news for those who want to use the patch, but afraid of psychoactive activity. The other good news is that it has a lot of medical effects without having to deal with getting high.

So, if you are trying to get high on OG Kush, these patches would not be the ideal candidate. If you are recreational user and you are looking for some couch potato experience like you get when smoking a joint, you won't get it with THC patches.

The Effects

The effect of using one of these THC patches is like when you pour boiling water into a tea cup and leave it to steep on the counter. The water has so much heat while the room where the cup of water is located does not have any heat. But, the heat from the cup could spread into its surroundings.

Once the infused cannabis on the patch moves deep into the skin, the bloodstream absorbs it; after which it goes to the brain and then throughout the rest of the body. The good thing is that you don't have to worry about it bypassing your liver, lungs and stomach because it doesn't and even if it did, there is enough medicinal value.

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