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We took a look at the combined effect of alcohol and cannabis consumption. When you consider cannabis consumption, it is important to consider moderation because if you overdose, it might give you an experience that you are not accustomed to or cannot handle. Nothing is wrong with sipping your favorite cocktail or brew while you enjoy the nice aroma and flavor of cannabis.

Many recreational users enjoy mixing alcohol and cannabis while relaxing at home and as long as the person is of legal age and doing it legally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is an adult decision. However, while mixing the two of these might seem inspiring in a moment of conversation, there is more to it than you think. Both alcohol and cannabis consumption gives a synergistic result that we will discuss below.

The Combination of Alcohol and Cannabis

When you consume alcohol and cannabis together, the alcohol might increase the level of THC concentration within the blood. If you really want to increase the effects of the THC, then it is best to drink the alcohol prior to smoking the weed. Alcohol is known to increase the level of THC potency. When you consider alcohol and cannabis consumption, you have to look at the ethanol that is in the alcohol and how it might absorb the THC, which is already psychoactive.

The alcohol makes the user feel the THC effects much quicker and then there will be more euphoric episodes and high plasma levels in comparison to just consuming alcohol by itself. When large amounts of alcohol are consumed along with high levels of psychoactive THC, the user's blood levels are really very high. In other words, the user will have a stronger effect from the combination.

Sedative Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis Together

With the combination of alcohol and cannabis consumption, the user will feel heavily sedated. In fact, alcohol by itself acts as a depressant to the nervous system and that is why its consumption results in a sedative effect; kind of like a downer instead of an upper. On the other hand, cannabis consumption is different. THC is considered to aid melatonin secretion, which is helpful in making you fall asleep. With alcohol and cannabis consumption together, the sedative effect might feel much more pronounced, which means sleep comes faster.

The best thing is to start with low doses to see how much of this combination your body can accommodate. If you don't use moderately low doses, you might experience vertigo, dizziness or head spinning, which is not much of a good feeling. In fact, you could experience nausea and vomiting. If you mix both at low doses, you will have more fun and feel euphoric.

The Absorption of Alcohol with Cannabis

With the cannabis consumption along with alcohol, the body will absorb the alcohol quicker and therefore, speed up the effects of the cannabis; something that you might not want to take place because it is going to put you to bed. Cannabis consumption acts in the opposite way as it can slow down the speed at which you digest the alcohol; making it slowly release in your blood stream over a longer period of time.

This slow effect might be either negative or positive, depending on how your body functions. In other words, you could feel intoxicated or drunk for a longer period of time. However, for some people, cannabis consumption might prevent vomiting.

Final Summary

It all boils down to the dosage, your body functioning and how you consume the weed. It is best to start out slow and make sure that you protect your system by drinking water as well.

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