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If you were to overly consume THC by accident and you are feeling paranoid or anxious, you can counteract the feeling by consuming or using CBD right away. CBD benefits have been documented and experienced and so it is safe to use it for this purpose. That is what most budtenders of any legal marijuana dispensary will tell you to do and it is a good solution. There are several factors that facilitate and affects how an individual reacts to CBD and anxiety. CBD strains consist of levels of cannabinoids that tend to reduce anxiety, even if it was induced by external stressors or THC. That is a truth that needs to be understood. Let's look at some of those variables such as the strength or potency of the cannabis strains and who these differ in CBD and THC levels.

THC and CBD Relationship

CBD or cannabidiol has elements or compounds that fight anxiety. In most cannabis strain varieties, CBD crops up in trace amounts. Most recently, many have noticed an increase in high levels of CBD products and strains. In comparison to THC levels, CBD is not as psychoactive, especially when it is isolated from its THC equivalent. In other words, CBD does not give you the euphoria that THC does. CBD and THC levels are two distinctive elements or compounds as they work in unison at times. For instance, CBD enhances or improves the painkilling properties of THC while at the same time reducing the paranoia that it could cause. Now let us look at why marijuana results in paranoia in certain people and aids others with their anxiety.

Paranoia and Anxiety

THC and CBD interact in complex ways, reducing specific effects such as the intense high and sleepiness while enhancing other effects. CBD balances your buzz and it also softens your euphoria. In other words, it is like a yin and yang effect, reducing the feelings that THC brings. If you are an avid recreational smoker, you may have already experienced the balancing of yin and yang as it relates to CBD and THC combined strains. Pennywise, for example, is one of those strains that contain CBD and THC levels. It is more dominant in THC, but it gives off a mellow feeling. You won't feel your heart racing. Instead, you will feel calm and not heavy headed or anxious. Let's now see how products with high levels of CBD work as it relate to providing anti-anxiety benefits.

 High Levels of CBD Products

For pot consumers, CBD is like having a dim switch to turn off or turn down the effects of THC levels in the bloodstream after cannabis consumption. To do so, though, the levels of CBD have to be high. When it is high, it will give a calming signal to the endocannabinoid system inside the brain. CBD is known to modulate the brain's receptor signaling that is associated with levels of THC. And this is the reason why the presence of both THC and CBD has become so important to marijuana therapeutics. In fact, CBD can modulate any excess cannabinoid brain activity, which could result in feelings of anxiety. So when you consume too much THC, CBD is the answer to mitigating the paranoid and anxious side effects that come about.

Appropriate CBD Product

If you reside in a location where cannabis is legalized, you will have an array of CBD products readily available to you. How do you find the right one? This will depend heavily on the circumstances. However choose products that are lab tested so you can know the levels of THC contained. Without testing, you won't know the level of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids. You also have to research which marijuana strains have the most CBD.

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