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Colorado is home to some of the best concentrates around. Many concentrate chemists around the state are proud to showcase their product with colorful names that illustrate their creation.

They make strains ranging from high energy sativas to pain reducing calm strains like the CBDs. Here is a look at some of the best dabs you may encounter around Colorado.

Top Strains for Hash

strains for has in a glass jar

Bloody Banana Split

Bloody Banana Split: light colored sativa wax. This strain will keep you going throughout the day but should be avoided by less experienced dabbers. This like most strains would be good for pain and also would be good to use before exercise.

The delicious flavor of this strain makes it very crave worthy and the high energy it provides is optimal but do not overdo it with this strain as it is highly potent.

Orange Soda

Orange Soda: bright gold hybrid sap hash. This strain has a good balance of sativa and indica and would be optimal for a relaxing day at home. Good for pain and hunger issues. Very high flavor and can be enjoyed at very low temperatures. Good for dabbers with asthma as it is not very harsh on the throat.

Desert Ruby

Desert Ruby: bright colored CBD concentrate. Concentrates like this are primarily used for pain management. These dabs are best used by people recovering from injury or who suffer from a disease that causes chronic pain. This can be used slightly more often than normal strains of hash but still should be taken responsibly. This type of concentrate has a more calm high.

Tora Bora

Tora Bora: rich amber shatter concentrate. This is a dabbers delight. The high is more potent than most other strains and should not be used before work or strenuous activity. Good for a day of video games and relaxation. Good for pain management but these will put you out. Do not make any plans if using high dosages for pain.

Jack Super Lemon

Jacked Super Lemon: brightly colored sativa live resin. Another highly potent concentrate. The high THC levels should be enjoyed responsibly. The flavor of this strain is quite apparent and is highly enjoyable. Do not over do it because it tastes good though, this strain can knock you out if your not careful.

If you are fortunate enough to come across any of these strains count yourself lucky as they are some of the greatest concentrates that Colorado has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about the process these strains go through enroll in our budtender certification program at Cannabis Training University!

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