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Sativa Strains


The best Sativa strains for energy in 2020 will have the right balance of THC to CBD and contain energizing Terpene profiles. There are tons of options when choosing a Sativa-dominant strain but not all of them are good for an energy boost. This guide will show you how an energizing strain works and some of the best Sativa strains for energy and creativity.

Why Sativa?

The generalized rule of thumb is that Indica dominant strains are better for relaxation and a body-high while Sativa-dominant strains are better for energy and the cerebral-high. There is much more to this than cannabis strains either being indica or sativa, but this is the first qualifier.

The Importance Of Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that exist in plants that give them their aroma and flavor. There are about 20 Terpenes that are commonly found in Cannabis, but not all of them are known for producing high energy. Here is a list of the most common Terpenes for energy:

  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Terpinolene
  • Eucalyptol/Cineol
  • Ocimene

One important note is that Terpinolene is sedative without THC. But, in conjunction with THC, it is energizing. This is why the Terpene content isn’t the only important factor that can make a strain an excellent choice for energy.

Cannabinoid Content

THC is known as a relaxant and will be better off when you are looking to go to sleep. The other cannabinoids, like CBD, are known to be more energizing. So, when looking at Cannabis strains for energy, it’s important to pick those that don’t have a large amount of THC without enough CBD to balance it out. The most energizing strains will produce less psychoactive highs.

The 14 Best Sativa Strains For Energy in 2020

All of these strong Sativa strains offer unique benefits for energy, focus, and creativity!

Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is rich in the cannabinoid known as THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin. This cannabinoid is known for its energizing effects and these are very noticeable with this strain. It’s one of the first choices for those looking for an energizing high.

Jillybean Strain

This strain is rich in Pinene and is known for its mood-elevating benefits along with energy production. This is one of the better strains for those who need to boost creativity and productivity.

Harlequin Strain

Another strain that is rich in Pinene, Harlequin is best known for its limited psychoactive effects. Instead, it’s more of a feeling of well-being and less of an intense high. Focus and energy are the main benefits.

Chocolope Strain

Chocolope is a favorite for users who need to get up and get active. Some tout it for benefits while working out or just getting chores done around the house. If you are looking for a wake and bake strain to serve up energy and motivation, this is it.

Chocolate marijuana strain on a black background.

Chocolope Strain Close Up

Ghost Train Haze Strain

This strain is rich in Terpinolene and Limonene. It’s also a THC dominant strain, which converts the Terpinolene from relaxing to energizing. But, be warned, this is a strong strain for THC content. While it does give you a lot of energy, you will get more intoxicated than other energizing marijuana strains.

Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is one of the few weed strains that are rich in Ocimene. This gives it a unique energizing boost. The energy boost is pronounced that the name was adjusted to include the word “Crack”! It’s a must-try for those low on energy.

XJ-13 Strain

This THC-dominant strain is rich in Terpinolene and Pinene, giving it all the properties of a high-quality energy booster. The aroma of tropical fruit and complemented with uplifting effects and anxiety-reduction.

Super Lemon Haze Strain

Rich in both Limonene and Pinene, this marijuana strain can be a great booster. But, like Ghost Train Haze, it is pretty high in THC so the high may outweigh the energizing effects for those who need a lot of focus.

Sour Diesel Strain

This is still Sativa-dominant but does have Indica traits which make it a switch-up from the other varieties on this list. While users still report energizing effects, you can also feel some Indica effects of calmness as well.

Jack Herer Strain

This cannabis strain is a hybrid that slightly leans towards Sativa. While it is popular for it’s energizing effects and ability to improve focus, there are a lot of different varieties of Jack Herer on the market, due to the limited knowledge of its inception. It’s most likely rich in Limonene and Pinene due to it’s known aromas of Citrus and Pine.

Mango Haze Strain

This weed strain tends to provide mental energy while providing physical calmness. If you need to be focused and relaxed at the same time, this strain may be the logical choice.

Cheisel Strain

Cheisel is a hybrid strain best known for producing social energy while reducing physical pain. It can be a good choice for those who are in pain from sickness or an injury but need to be energized in social situations. It’s a specific situation for sure, but this strain is effective.

Pineapple Express Strain

This Sativa dominant hybrid is known to calm the mind and energize the body. This can make it a great choice for being active and going on hikes or other outdoor ventures.

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Bruce Banner Strain

This pot strain is unique in that it can provide an intense high followed by a period of increased focus, energy, and creativity. It might be the perfect tool to wind down from stressful events and put you in a better mindset to be creative and accomplish more on your terms!

Conclusion on Best Sativa Strains for Energy in 2020

Whether you need a strain for energy to wake and bake, or just need more focus from your cannabis, these 14 strains are all great choices. Everybody is different, so experimenting and finding the cannabis strains that work best for you is better than any article could ever be. Remember, Cannabis Training University is always here if you want to learn more about the intricacies of Cannabis!


What are your favorite sativa strains for energy? We would love to hear!

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