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While the focus of most cannabis users is the THC content of a ganja strain, high CBD strains are becoming more popular to keep a clear-mind while providing the medicinal benefits of the 2nd most common cannabinoid in cannabis.

There aren’t nearly as many high CBD strains to try as there are THC-dominant strains. However, the market for CBD is continually expanding and even those who don’t like the psychoactive components of weed can indulge in CBD and reap the benefits. So, of course, we had to put a list together of 10 high CBD strains to try!

Why Do You Want High CBD Strains?

CBD isn’t psychoactive. Regardless of your own opinion of THC, some people don’t like to get high. But, the cannabinoid CBD is touted for medicinal benefits on its own. Plenty of CBD-only cannabis products are on the market now and can even be purchased at the local grocery and big-box stores.

No drug-test worries. No legal repercussions. No hassle with CBD, period! Here are some of the conditions that CBD can help users with:

  •  CBD for Pain (CBD Creams for pain)
  •  CBD For Stress
  •  CBD For Nausea
  •  CBD For Headaches
  •  CBD for Migraines
  •  CBD for Muscle Spasms
  •  CBD for Epilepsy

Above all, it is great at inducing physical relaxation without fogging the mind at all. Sometimes, getting high isn’t applicable. In those times, CBD-rich cannabis strains can be a great alternative!

Top 10 High CBD Strains To Experiment With

Those who enjoy marijuana will still enjoy CBD-focused strains. They still tend to have a bit of THC, which may grant more medicinal benefits than when CBD is isolated. CBD products you find in the stores will have negligible THC levels, so smoking some CBD-dominant bud will probably give experienced cannabis smokers a more rewarding experience.

So, here are 10 of the best high CBD strains that you should try if you get the chance. Grow it, but it, etc!


This is quite possibly the most well-known CBD-dominant marijuana strain. It features CBD levels of around 8% and is known to treat pain and anxiety very well. The flavors feature hints of earthy musk and sweet mango.

You can’t mention CBD strains without talking about Harlequin. There is little chance of psychoactive features with Harlequin, creating the perfect CBD medicine without fogging your mind.


This strain features 9% CBD and does provide a small amount of THC that creates a short-lived high that boosts relaxation and feels uplifting. Muscle spasms, migraine, and anxiety are no match for Cannatonic.

When smoking Cannatonic, you’ll taste a mix of earthy tones and hints of sweet citrus. It’s another CBD-dominant strain that is ubiquitous with the entire CBD market.


If the CBD levels of Harlequin and Cannatonic don’t cut it for you. ACDC features CBD levels around 14%, which is quite a bit higher than the previous two. What’s interesting is that it is believed to be a phenotype of Cannatonic itself. In addition to the higher levels of CBD, the THC levels are lower as well.

Users love ACDC to treat the negative effects of cancer treatments, as well as more common conditions, like chronic pain and anxiety. The high levels of CBD bode well for epilepsy treatment also.


Jumping to the other side of the spectrum, Pennywise has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The psychoactive component of the experience is mellow but may please those who enjoy THC-based bud. It’s the result of crossing the classic Harlequin and the THC-dominant Jack The Ripper.


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It averages around 8% CBD, which means the THC content is usually around 8% as well.

It provides a mental buzz that Jack The Tipper provides without the potential of paranoia and other common side effects of THC. Consumers will notice a depth of flavor and aroma, featuring hints of spicy coffee, lemon, and bubblegum.


Created by crossing Harlequin and another CBD-dominant strain, Sour Tsunami, this is a CBD-rich strain if there ever was one. CBD levels can reach up to 20-22% with Harle-Tsu.

Seeds are available for prospective growers, and each seed has a 75% chance of exhibiting the high CBD percentages this strain is known for. Pain and inflammation are taken care of with this cannabis strain, without the euphoric high that THC produces. It’s perfect for those who have to be 100% clear-minded.

Charlotte’s Web

Instead of being a derivative of classic CBD-dominant strains like others on this list, Charlotte’s Web is a brand new addition to the CBD industry. It is derived from hemp plants and has very little THC if any.

It’s one of the most popular strains used for CBD extracts. It’s great to treat pain, stress, and anxiety.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami cannabis strains is the result of years and years of crossing Sour Deisel and NYC Deisel, both of which are THC dominant. After generations of breeding and refining the child-strains, Sour Tsunami is now a CBD-dominant strain with a small amount of THC present.

It’s been used to parent a couple of the other prominent CBD strains on this list as well. Those who like the essence of the Deisel heritage will love the flavor and aroma of Sour Tsunami that features CBD content of around 12%.


Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami are combined to create this epic child-strain rich in CBD. You’ll have mental clarity while treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even seizures. Canna-Tsu has sweet citrus and hints of an earthy essence dominate this strain that hovers around 10% CBD.


MediHaze is the result of crossing a CBD-dominant parent with Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze. CBD to THC ratios are typically between 1:1 and 2:1. It’s great for everything that CBD is known for and gives the user a fair amount of THC if that’s something they are after. You won’t get couch-locked, but you may experience some euphoria.

Spicy pine and mint dominate the essence and CBD levels are 9%.

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Cannatonic was crossed with Afgan Skunk to create this high CBD strain. The high from the low levels of THC is mellow and relaxed. This is a great CBD-dominant strain to use before bed, as it is the most relaxing on this list.

Pine and lemon are abundant in the aroma while a floral essence can be experienced on the exhale. CBD levels of around 14% are common, making it one of the more potent strains on this list.

Ready For A Dose Of CBD?

THC isn’t the end-all-be-all of cannabis. CBD is getting more and more popular. Soon, this list of strains may be obsolete as more commercial growers opt for CBD-dominant plants and breed more child-strains for that purpose. For now, these are the cream of the crop!

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