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How To Find The Best Marijuana Strain In The Dispensary. Jar with weed buds in it.

How To Find The Best Cannabis Strain In The Dispensary

It can be quite overwhelming to walk into a cannabis dispensary these days; only because of the various products that you have to choose from, including your desired cannabis strain. It is pretty much like when you walk into a supermarket and don't have a list of things to buy and you are walking from one aisle to another, trying to find what you need.

Cannabis consumers have to sift through a menu of edibles, cannabis strain, concentrates, tinctures, flowers and topical creams. With so many selections, how are you going to figure out the best cannabis strain to purchase? With some knowledge and a sense of aroma, you will find the ideal cannabis strain in little time. But let's look at some of the things you can do.

The Determination

If you want to determine which cannabis strain to purchase, follow the smell. Each strain has its own smell and flavor. Some of them are stronger than others. It is best to start with samples, which most dispensaries have available to consumers. The aroma of the cannabis plant is created by special molecules known as terpenes. Each cannabis plant has various levels and variations of terpenes.

Most consumers have enough knowledge about THC levels, but terpenes are what determine the nuances of the cannabis experience. Linalool is one of the terpenes that are most common in cannabis. It is the compound that is responsible for the smell and subsequent properties that offer relief to the user. Linalool works with THC to create specific effects from a certain cannabis strain.

You may see cannabis products list the kinds of terpenes and its percentage. This is not always available, though because it is not the standard of the cannabis industry to do so. The next best thing is to use your nose to sniff out smells and choose the scents that you find appealing.

Knowing Cannabinoids

Like terpene profiles, cannabinoid profiles are just as important and essential to selecting the best cannabis strain to purchase. In addition to the aroma, you can learn more about the cannabis strain by asking the budtender about its cannabinoids and other terminology. For example, the Girl Scout Cookies is a cannabis strain that could be labeled with 24 percent cannabinoid and 22 percent THC level. Would you understand these terminologies on your own? You could, if you were to do your research.

Bear in mind that cannabis products are packaged with three common compounds; namely CBD, THC and CBN. If you want a product that has a higher level of CBD, you would ask the budtender which one of the cannabis strain has the highest level. There are some strains that contain both THC and CBD compounds and one might be higher than the other. CBD gives you a milder experience while THC is the opposite. CBN is also a cannabinoid, which is usually in smaller amounts. CBN is a transformation of THC when it ages. It only has a slight psychoactive and sedative effect because of its aging. You would probably use this to treat your insomnia.

The Budtender

One more way that you can figure out the best cannabis strain is to engage your budtender by letting him or her know what you are trying to get from your cannabis. Most budtenders are knowledgeable and can provide specific recommendations to steer you in the appropriate direction. You have to let the budtender know whether you need the cannabis to put in a vaporizer, smoke a joint or put in your edibles.

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Indicas and Sativas

You should also determine whether your cannabis strains should be indicas or sativas. Indica strains will make you sleepy while sativa strains provide the opposite experience. If you are still not sure after you have done your homework, start with a smaller amount and work your way up to more, once you learn which cannabis strain is best for you.

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