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Indica Dominant Strain

Indica or sativa? It seems everybody has a preference if they’ve been around marijuana for long enough. If you are a fan of indica, you may wonder what are the best indica dominant strains available today. Here is our list of the top 10 indica strains for your next smoke session!

What Is An Indica Dominant Cannabis Strain?

The terminology behind indica and sativa dates back to 300 years ago. The first psychoactive cannabis plants were named cannabis sativa. Later on, cannabis plants with different features were found in India and labeled cannabis indica.

Sativa-dominant plants tend to grow tall and have thin leaves while indica tends to be bushier and produces fatter leaves. While many believe there are differences in the psychoactive qualities between indica and sativa, it’s not true.

Instead, the myth that indicas are relaxing and sativas are energizing has created the desire for relaxing indicas and when an indica can’t help you relax, it’s labeled as a bad strain. That same strain may please someone seeking a “sativa” high, but they wouldn’t try it out because it is an indica.

Decades pass and now the best indicas are relaxing and the best sativas are energizing.

What To Expect From Indica Weed?

Nowadays, the best indicas are the weed strains that can induce couch-lock and a strong sense of relaxation that is best suited for evening use. Those suffering from insomnia usually reach for indica-dominant cannabis strains.

Others simply enjoy the relaxing effects of these types of ganja.

Think of a chill evening on the couch with your favorite movie queued up with a delicious snack on hand. That is the perfect time for indica!

The Top 10 Indica Dominant Strains

Here are the top-rated indica-dominant cannabis strains that are popular enough to be found at most local dispensaries, whether they be medicinal or recreational.

GMO Cookies

This potent cannabis strain, also known as Garlic Cookies, is the result of crossing Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies. It’s popular for treating chronic pain and is a great way to relax without providing a total couch-lock experience that some heavy-hitting ganja strains are known for.

THC levels are up around 25% with GMO Cookies, so newbies are forewarned!


This popular indica is the result of crossing OG Kush Breath and Face Off OG. From face the foot, the high will set you up for little movement for the night. The pungent earthy essence will please fans of the OG heritage strains. THC levels clock in around 21%.

OG Kush Breath

If Do-Si-Dos was a little too sedative for you, then it’s parent OGKB may be better suited for your needs. The lineage of OGKB is a little murky, but it is believed to be a potent phenotype of GSC. Stress, pain, and insomnia are no match for smokers of OG Kush Breath. THC levels are around 24% in these dark green and purple buds.

Ice Cream Cake

The dessert train has taken off in the cannabis industry, and Ice Cream Cake is one of the leaders in the group. The creamy sweet and doughy essence entices users with hints of vanilla.


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It’s the result of crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, both of which are popular and potent in their own rights. Light green and purple hues are rich in this trichome-frosted bud that reaches THC levels around 21%.

Forbidden Fruit

Cherry Pie? A legendary strain. Tangie? Blissful tropical flavors that spoil its users. Crossing them to create this Forbidden Fruit marijuana strain? Genius!

The combination of cherry and tropical flavors and aromas culminate in this fruity cannabis strain that can melt away aches and pains while providing a clear release from stress.

THC levels are commonly around 18%, making it better for novices than some of the strains listed earlier that can easily put you to bed!

Purple Punch

A list of indica strains with Granddaddy Purple seems a bit irresponsible. But, Purple Punch is the child-strain resulting from a cross of GDP and Larry OG, paying homage to classic cannabis strains.

A blend of grape and blueberry that seems fit for a glass of Kool-Aid, Purple Punch delivers the counter to insomnia. THC levels are common around 19%.

King Louis XIII

King Louie comes at you with the spicy kush aroma that’s also earthy and piney, sending your imagination straight to the forest for a refreshing hike. OG Kush and LA Confidential are the parents used to create Louis XIII Kush. 20% is the typical amount of THC in this relaxing cannabis strain.

9 LB Hammer

You ever been hit with a 9 lb hammer? Probably knock you out for a few hours, huh? We aren’t sure if that is the reasoning behind this relaxing cannabis strain, but it’s a good story.

JinxProof Genetics creating 9 Pound Hammer with a 3-way cross of Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack The Ripper. Pain and stress will melt away with this long-lasting high and THC levels are commonly around 18-19%.


Zkittlez is the result of a 3-way cross of indica-dominant strains. However, only two are known: Grape Ape and Grapefruit. The third remains a mystery and isn’t disclosed by the creators 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz.

The sweet and tropical fruity flavors and relaxing effects led to multiple Cannabis Cup awards over the years. THC levels are around 19%.

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Blackwater OG

Mendo Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush were bred to create Blackwater. Blackwater OG features an essence rich in grape, lemon, and pine and helps medical marijuana patients with chronic pain and a loss of appetite.

This strain should be reserved for nighttime because you’ll end up melting into the couch and lose all hopes of staying productive.

Interestingly enough, this relaxing strain was crossed with Green Crack, one of the most energizing cannabis strains to-date, to create Purple Crack. If you love Blackwater OG at night, maybe the hybrid child-strain Purple Crack will be useful during the day!

What Are Your Favorite Indicas?

Obviously, the best cannabis strains, whether they be indica or sativa, ais a matter of personal preference. Every smoker will have a different opinion and their top 10 list of indicas may be drastically different. So, what are your favorites?

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