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With harvest growing near (or already passed) for the majority of indoor medicinal growers it won’t be long until your local dispensary shelves are filled again for the holidays, holding some of the greatest MMJ buds for you to taste and try.

The recent change in weather, trading warm fall days for chilly winter nights, also has some patients searching for strains to compensate for the new ailments their bodies feel as the seasons change.

While there are multiple products available to help you feel better, sometimes a new influx of plants and strains can cause confusion, leaving you to wonder if you are using a strain that is taking care of you.

Here are a couple of my personal autumn favorites from this seasons impending harvest. Keep an eye out for these strains when you visit your local dispensaries and always be ready to try something new!

Marijuana Strain Reviews

Pitbull Strain

For those cold winter nights and subsequently painful mornings, I recommend Pitbull, especially if you have nothing else to do that day. Otherwise, keep this one around as a nighttime knockout, in the trippy couch lock category.

This is a Grade A, 100% Indica and is a product of the P-91 and Sugar Plum genetics and features an extremely heavy potency; great for stress, depression, chronic pain and insomnia.

While most report that their strains have produced a plethora of light and green fluffy buds, with lots of trichrome coverage, the plant in particular I had was the opposite, producing thick, hard, sticky buds with an extra layer of lightly amber colored sticky trichromes.

Smoking the Pitbull strain is a treat, since it takes about three or four minutes to initially kick in. With a sweet, and almost fruity taste, Pitbull is an easy strain to medicate with, the burn on the inhale tasting lightly of honey.

A well-tended dose of medicine from any part of this plant is bound to leave you couch locked and making sure your face muscles still work, for the better part of an hour.

I have, very specifically, lumbar pain, bursitis and a very painful knee (awaiting minor surgery), all of which disappears when I vape or smoke the Pitbull strain giving me great relief and allowing me to sleep.

With a flowering time of just 30-40 days, Pitbull is one of the fastest yielding varieties available right now, yielding about 3-6 ounces per plant. If you are looking for an extremely heavy body high, start here.

Green Crack Strain

Now, if you need a new indica daytime strain that will leave you medicated, pain free and still functioning, Green Crack is a great place to begin. Perfect for mentally creative moods and providing users with a bit of focus, the bright green bud is usually covered with a sugary layer of trichromatic crystals to match its sweetly smell.


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Its ability to make you feel incredibly relaxed is only matched by its ability to give you incredible dry mouth, so have a drink handy if you are going to be using Green Crack at any time before you need to talk.

My favorite thing about this batch of buds is that it is perfect for battling fatigue. Its high potency and fantastic flavor make this strain a favorite amongst MMJ patients.

If you are working on your own starts, the Green Crack seedling is easily compatible with indoor hydroponics or soil growing and flourishes in a SOG garden setup.

A great starting point for the novice grower, the Green Crack strain has a considerable yield and typically, a shorter flowering time. The hardest part about growing this strain, will be to find a cutting that is viable, however it is said the strain does clone quite easily.

The Viper Strain

Finally, I want to mention a strain I have had the pleasure of sampling recently, but have yet to see anywhere widely available for patient use. I hope that with the end of the season practically upon us, The Viper strain is one you would really be on the lookout for.

Viper is an improved version of BC Black seed. When crossed with the proper strain of Burmese male plants, the Viper genetic is created. This strain produces an amazing yield for a Sativa plant and the effect of the finished result is a purely cerebral THC high. The aroma is fresh and piney with a strong lace of skunk at the tail end of the scent.

Although this Sativa is a little rougher to smoke than the previous two varietals mentioned above, the effective pain relief from this strain makes it more than well worth it. Unlike other Sativa strains, the Viper grows indoor in about 10 or 11 weeks, a far cry from the 3-4 months of other Sativa strains.

With a harvest of Viper occurring reasonably around mid-October, you should expect to start seeing this strain hit the shelves of your local dispensary right about now. If you can find any, make sure you stock up!

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Final Thoughts on These Marijuana Strain Reviews

I hope that with the changing seasons and changing weather you find a new strain or two within this list to try, and hey, who knows? Maybe you will find a new favorite way to alleviate your pains and migraines, stiffness and unnecessary inflammation.

While you can generally trust your local budtender to help you find the strains you need for your relief, of course, it never hurts to bring this list of sweet suggestions with you!

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