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The concept of medical marijuana is a growing around the world. More research is being conducted to prove the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

What are the best marijuana strains for Cachexia?

There are many conditions where marijuana and its extracted cannabinoids, like CBD, have been proven effective as an alternative or supplement to traditional medicines. Cachexia is another serious medical condition where marijuana may be quite useful.

What Is Cachexia?

Cachexia is the catch-all term for Wasting Syndrome. Patients in the late-stages of serious diseases are at risk for cachexia. The most commonly known affliction that causes cachexia is cancer.

The condition causes the patients to lose appetite and equal amounts of muscle and fat tissue without even trying to lose weight. Most of the time they are weighed down with depression and fatigue as well.

While marijuana definitely won’t be the cure for cachexia, it has some known effects that can be beneficial for wasting syndrome.

What Can Marijuana Do For Cachexia?

Ever heard of the munchies? This classic stereotype of a side-effect of smoking marijuana is actually a proven fact. THC has the ability to boost appetite in users. Those with wasting syndrome who are suffering from a lack of appetite actually have a fair chance of boosting it with the supplementation of high-THC marijuana.

There are also other effects that specific marijuana strains have. Here are a few of the effects that those suffering from cachexia should be looking for:

  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric
  • Energizing

There are plenty of marijuana strains that are rich in THC and grant these effects. That means finding some potent cannabis strains at the local medical dispensary shouldn’t be a problem.

We’ve put together a list of widespread cannabis strains that can alleviate some of the effects of wasting syndrome. While it certainly isn’t a cure, marijuana can be a natural alternative to treat this condition. Even better, it can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy to boost the quality of life and mitigate some of the terrible effects of cachexia.

7 Of The Best Marijuana Strains For Cachexia

While there may be more rare cannabis strains more apt at treating cachexia, these strains are popular and easy to find. Most local medical dispensaries should have at least 1 of these 7 marijuana strains for Cachexia in stock!


Runtz is a popular marijuana strain touted for its euphoric and uplifting experience. THC levels range around 19%, which is plenty to induce appetite. It is also good for treating stress, depression, and pain.

While this strain is quite a newcomer to the medicinal marijuana market, the raving fans that demand more will ensure that it makes its way to your local dispensary in no time.

Girl Scout Cookies

This medicinal marijuana strain is one of the most popular strains and it’s been that way for a few years now. A feeling of relaxation and euphoria are commonly experienced.


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THC levels average around 19% but have been known to reach much higher. The higher levels of THC may be too much for newcomers to medicinal marijuana, but it sure will lead to a boost in appetite.

It’s rated high for chronic pain and nausea while being a potent aid in boosting appetite. Depression and insomnia can also be treated with GSC.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is an energizing and uplifting cannabis strain that is perfect for those experiencing bouts of fatigue that come with cachexia. THC levels hover around 18%.

This is a good strain when you need an energy boost to perform daily tasks while helping users build an appetite.

It’s also known for helping treat depression and anxiety. This is a happy marijuana strain that won’t just put you to sleep, perfect for when you have things to do and can’t build the momentum yourself.

White Fire OG

WiFi Fire OG is a favorite for many medical marijuana patients. It is best known for treating anxiety, depression, the side effects of cancer, chronic pain, and a loss of appetite.

It can give you a boost in energy and mood as well. The uplifting effects of this weed strain are mostly cerebral, meaning you won’t have the desire to go to sleep or lounge around all day. The experience with White Fire OG is also great for social situations.

Life doesn’t stop when you have cachexia, so reaching for some WiFi OG when you aren’t feeling the best but still need to be social is a great idea.

Khalifa Kush

Stress, depression, and pain are typically treated with the Khalifa Kush cannabis strain created by rapper Wiz Khalifa. It also works well to treat a lack of appetite.

It’s a happy and relaxing experience with THC levels usually around 20%, which is quite potent. If you have little-to-non THC tolerance, you may want to try others on this list since they can deliver the same effects for treating the symptoms of cachexia.

Mango Haze

Mango Haze has THC levels around 18% and it is commonly used to treat depression. The mental side effects of wasting syndrome shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mango Haze can be used to deliver a happy euphoria while treating pain, stress, and the lack of appetite that commonly come along with wasting syndrome.

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Lucky Charms

This may be the most potent on this list, with THC levels reaching 23% and above. This strain is known to boost happiness in consumers. It’s a good balance of physical relaxation and mental euphoria.

The high levels of THC will ensure that you get a case of the munchies while being able to treat the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression as well.

Let Cannabis Be Your Medicine!

The medicinal cannabis market will continue to expand and professional breeders will create more potent cannabis and strains that can treat specific diseases and symptoms better. The industry is booming as more people turn to the natural homeopathy that marijuana can offer.

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