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The innovative indica-dominant hybrid Oreoz strain (also known as Oreo strain, and Oreo Cookies strain) mixes Cookies & Cream strain with the enigmatic Secret Weapon strain.

Cannabis fans love Oreoz for its delicious taste and relaxing benefits. Discover the origins, traits, and appeal of this sweet and powerful strain.

Oreoz Strain Genetics

Oreoz weed is the result of a smart breeding project that combined Cookies & Cream strain and Secret Weapon. Cookies & Cream weed strain adds its sweet, creamy flavor and calming properties. The mysterious indica hybrid Secret Weapon adds its own features, creating a strain with flavor and potency.


As its name implies, Oreoz weed tastes like the chocolate and cream-filled cookie. Vanilla, cocoa, and earthiness create a delectable scent with each breath. Smooth and velvety smoke leaves a pleasant taste that makes users want more.


With its rich, delicious bouquet of sweet and earthy smells, Oreoz is equally alluring. Chocolate, vanilla, and spice evoke fresh-baked cookies. The scent of Oreoz excite senses whether in flower or concentrate form.


Each exhalation of Oreoz cannabis relaxes the body and melts stress. Because of its indica-dominant genetics, it's perfect for relaxing after a hard day or falling asleep.

Users may feel a moderate pleasure and increased sensory perception despite its sedative effects, improving the experience.

Oreoz strain close up. Also known as Oreo strain and Oreo Cookies.

Medical Benefits 

Oreoz strain delivers medicinal effects as well as recreational appeal. For people seeking natural pain relief, its soothing properties may relieve chronic pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Additionally, its mood-enhancing qualities may reduce tension, anxiety, and despair, boosting relaxation.

THC Level

Oreoz weed has a very potent THC level of up to 30% THC!

Availability on the Market

You may purchase Oreo strain from legal dispensaries in North America and in a number of other countries that have legalized cannabis.

The strains Gelato, MAC-1, Black Sundae, Biscotti, and Wedding Cake (STIIIZY) are all examples of strains that are comparable to Oreoz.

You can Oreoz strain seeds online at various seed banks if you live in legal areas to do so.

Oreoz Strain FAQ's

Is Oreoz strain indica or sativa?

Oreoz is a Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon Indica.

Is Oreoz strain exotic?

The Oreoz strain is an exotic strain bred from a cross between Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon strains. 

How strong is Oreoz strain?

For long-lasting hybrids with intense Sativa and Indica effects and THC levels over 30%, Oreoz strain is highly rated.

Is Oreoz strain the same as Oreo Cookies and Oreo?

Yes, Oreoz and Oreo and Oreo Cookies all refer to the same strain.

Is Oreoz strain strong?

Yes, Oreoz strain has a very high THC level up to 30% THC!

Final Thoughts on Oreoz Weed

Oreo Cookies is a strain that is highly favored by people who are passionate about cannabis since it possesses a pleasant combination of distinctive aromas and powerful effects.

Because of its high THC content and rich terpene profile, it provides users with a multidimensional experience that is suitable for both personal use and medical professionals. 

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