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Do you really have any idea what is the marijuana joint or blunt? If you are a recreational cannabis user and have been using for a while, you will know the different names associated with the marijuana joint.  If you are a novice or first time marijuana smoker, then you would probably understand if it was described as a cigarette or cigar. Yes, a joint looks like a cigar or cigarette. However, in this case, the inside of the cigar or the cigarette would be replaced with weed instead of tobacco.

The Significance

The blunt or joint has a cultural significance that you cannot ignore, even though the standard joint is more iconic. Some people prefer the mixture of weed and the tobacco wrapping for that added buzz. Other people prefer the various flavors that blunt wraps and cigarillos provide. Let's now show you how to roll the marijuana joint or blunt. There are some basic steps that are fundamental to rolling a joint.

The First Step of How to Roll a Marijuana Joint

First, you would begin by getting all the supplies together in one place. Some of the items needed include:

  • Blunt wrap, cigarillo or cigar
  • Grinder or blade, which is optional, but better for people who are inexperienced

You can purchase any of these items, if you don't yet have them in your possession. You can expect that these items will be affordable for the most part.

Grinding the Weed

Now, it is time to grind the weed. Yes, it is important to break down the weed. Use a grinder to do so or use your hands to break it up. It will take longer to use your hands to break down the weed, but this has been the traditional method used by most recreational cannabis users. Another key point is that when you use your hands to break down the weed, it makes the blunt burn slower.

Preparing the Blunt Wrap

You must have a tobacco wrap to roll the marijuana joint or blunt. If you are using a cigarillo or cigar, empty its contents first. Or you can buy a box of empty cigarette wraps at a local store. Cut your blunt using a blade or open it with your fingers. Once it is opened by a blade or with your fingers, you would take out the tobacco and discard it.

Wetting the Wrap

With a little moisture, wet the wrap. This will make the joint easier to handle, helping you to shape and seal it without tearing it. The moisture will also seal any tear that may have occurred while you were getting rid of the tobacco. Your saliva is enough. You don't have to use water. However, if you are rolling the marijuana joint for another person, it would be better to use the water.

Filling Up

Fill up the empty cigarette wrapping with the weed that you grinded. This will only need a gram or two weed. That is enough for a standard marijuana joint or cigarillo. However, you should consider more, if you will be sharing the joint with someone else.

Time to Roll

Roll the marijuana joint using your fingers. This will help to pack the weed evenly. Remember, it has to be moist or it will crack open. Once it is packed and has the right shape, tuck it under and wet its inside from one end to the next. Smooth it out with your fingers. Now you are ready to smoke your marijuana joint. Light it up and enjoy it!

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