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Sit back, relax, and get ready to read about the highest yielding strains for your garden.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned grower, our strain guide covers the industry’s most raved about big yielders.

From sativas to indicas and everything in between, we bring you a range of strains to keep you busy all season long.

Ready to start growing trichome-laden buds? Here are our top picks for the highest-yielding strains you can find right now.

1. Big Bud

It’s all in the name. Big Bud’s award-winning strain delivers high yields to keep you stocked for months. Sensi Seeds bred this strain by combining Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and Afghani genetics.

Big Bud prefers warm and dry climates, whether grown indoors or outdoors. Just watch out for heavy flowering. You’ll need to support these weight-carrying branches.

2. Critical Mass

high yielding strains

Critical Mass’ high-yielding plants come with an overload of resin on its buds. This indica-dominant strain is easy to grow and stays short and bushy. Its colas grow long and heavy, so you’ll need to watch out for excess moisture as they reach maturity.

If done right, you’ll end up with skunky and citrusy-smelling buds that deliver a heady high.

3. Northern Lights

As a nearly pure indica, Northern Lights delivers a long-lasting and balanced high. Indoor and outdoor growers can easily grow this strain. Its flowering period takes between 7 and 9 weeks.

At its peak maturity, you can smell its skunky, spicy, and citrus notes. It’s the perfect strain to use for energy during the day.

4. White Widow

Straight from the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene, White Widow is a cross between Brazilian and Southern Indian landrace strains. White Widow produces bountiful yields with tons of resin on its buds.

While it’s resilient against mold and pests, it thrives best in indoor gardens. Wait just 8 to 9 weeks for a fresh new supply of buds.

5. Blue Dream

top yielding strains

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains on the market, and rightfully so. It’s a high-yielding, flavorful, and potent strain that delivers on all fronts.

Plus, it’s widely available across most markets. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream delivers THC potency levels between 17% and 24%. Inside or outside, Blue Dream performs well in either environment.

6. Cheese Quake

TGA Subcool Seeds hit it out of the park with its Cheese Quake creation. This indica-leaning hybrid combines Querkle and Cheese genetics. Experience balanced effects on the mind and body and a funky and sour aroma reminiscent of cheese. Hints of sweet fruit balance out the funk.

This strain thrives indoors as long as you top it during early vegetation for a huge yield.

7. Purple Trainwreck

California is known across the world as a state with fine purveyors of high-yielding strains. Purple Trainwreck is no exception.

Easy to grow and pungent, this strain was bred by Humboldt Seed Organization. This energizing strain is a cross between Mendocino Purps and Trainwreck. In just 8 short weeks, you can have a fully mature plant in your indoor or outdoor garden.

8. Critical Kush

critical kush strain

Bred from two iconic strains, OG Kush and Critical Mass, Critical Kush is a high yielder. It features its Critical Mass’ signature sweet, fruity, and citrus aroma and flavor.

From its OG Kush side, it carries earthy notes and high THC levels. This strain prefers indoor growing environments due to its vulnerability to high humidity climates and mold.

9. Original Glue

Original Glue, also known as Gorilla Glue #4 and GG4, is an indica-dominant strain. While most growers love the strain for its sticky resin production, it also has big bud yields.

It won’t grow super tall and can resist most molds, diseases, and pests. If you’re looking for a sleep-inducing strain for your evening highs, this one’s the best strain to grow.

10. Thai Stick

Thai Stick is a pure sativa. Bred from a Thai landrace strain, this strain has been conditioned to grow massive yields outdoors. It can reach well over 6 feet, so you’ll have to have enough space.

Its flowering time is longer than most, but the payoff is worth it. Make sure to grow this strain in a warm and dry climate. Cold temperatures can stunt its flower growth.

11. Super Silver Haze

super silver haze strain

If sativas are what you’re looking for, look no further than Super Silver Haze. As a multiple-time Cannabis Cup winner, this strain can grow into connoisseur-grade weed.

Super Silver Haze requires careful feeding to prevent it from getting out of hand. This strain responds well to SCROG or low-stress training. Its heavy colas require some advanced training techniques.

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12. Amnesia Haze

West Coast Haze meets Amsterdam weed. Amnesia Haze’s high yields are worth the long flowering period (up to 12 weeks). Its genetics feature Jamaican and South Asian landrace strains.

Unlike most sativas, this strain grows short and bushy. If you have the patience to care for this plant, you’ll be highly rewarded.

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Now that you know which strains produce some of the most bountiful harvests, you can apply your knowledge to your garden.

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