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Smoking different cannabis strains can result in a rather rewarding, relaxing and uplifting experience.

These 20 cannabis strains for depression are popular among medical and recreational users.

What Makes A Cannabis Strain Good For Depression?

There are certain terpenes found in marijuana that cause uplifting effects. Here are the terpenes to look for and the feelings they can provide:

  • Limonene – reduce anxiety and stress
  • Terpinolene – produces an uplifting experience
  • Pinene – reduce anxiety
  • Myrcene – promotes relaxation
  • Linalool – promotes relaxation

Combinations of these terpenes can help reduce the effects of depression.

The Top Cannabis Strains For Depression

Here are the top-rated ganja strains to reduce depression and bring an uplifting high to consumers, in no particular order.


GG4, previously known as Gorilla Glue, is a heavy-hitting ganja strain that can glue you to the couch with a euphoric relaxed session, perfect to unwind after a particularly stressful day. Forget your problems and have a Netflix session with this hybrid cannabis strain.

Wedding Cake

This indica-dominant hybrid is uber-high in THC, making it unnecessary for novice smokers. It’s another bud known to produce euphoric relaxation and can help you melt into a deep sleep.


Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain that can help the mind and the body relax without causing too much drowsiness, making it a good strain for those feeling down in the middle of the day and need to take a break from it all without hitting the pillow.

Purple Punch

Yet another indica-dominant pot strain that induces relaxation and drowsiness. This ganja is sure to ease your mind with a dessert-like essence reminiscent of fresh-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins!

Ice Cream Cake

Just like a bowl of your favorite ice cream, this marijuana strain can leave you feeling happy and sedated. Your best suited to blaze Ice Cream Cake in the evening when you’ve finished your to-do list and need to unwind and clear your thought before bed.

Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is touted as a best-in-class for many conditions, including depression. It is known for producing a balanced high that can clear your mind and give you a little bit of energy if you need it. How many people do you know that aren’t happy consuming GSC?!

Sour Deisel

This energizing strain will get you off of the couch and out of your head and help you get through a tough day! It’s a classic strain that has been used for stress, anxiety, and depression since the 1990s.


Unlike Sour Deisel that has been around for nearly 3 decades, Runtz strain is a newcomer to the marijuana scene and is exploding in popularity. It is known as uplifting and can produce euphoria without draining your energy levels and putting you to bed.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a pick-me-up in form of sativa-dominant marijuana. A mental bliss that can boost creativity and productivity is typically seen with consumers of Jack Herer, perfect for when you have work to do but can’t escape your thoughts.


Put yourself in a better mood and wash away negativity with this potent ganja strain. Let stress and tension with a balanced high well suited for any time, day or night.


Forget that brunch champagne and orange juice that is a depressant. This version of a Mimosa is a potent marijuana strain that can boost your motivation and bring your back to earth with a burst of energy.


This unique cannabis strain will relax your body while focusing your mind on the task at hand, turning away from depressive thoughts that can sap your energy. Smoke Zkittlez any time of day for a pick-me-up.

Pineapple Express

While watching the stoner-classic movie might give you a laugh or two to fight depression, the real thing will boost your energy levels and help you escape the mundane depressive states!

Green Crack

As the name may imply, Green Crack will boost your energy levels more than most other cannabis strains. This boost of energy will turn your attention to better thoughts and being active, a far cry from being stuck in a depressive dungeon. Get active and get some sunlight after smoking Green Crack to boost your mood!

Durban Poison

One of the few rivals to Green Crack for boosting energy, Durban Poison can enhance your creativity and grant an uplifting experience. Durban Poison is commonly found in concentrate product, making it great to take on the go and have whenever you need it!

Sundae Driver

This cannabis strain will balance you out, ensuring you don’t reach too high to inevitably fall down further. A calming and happy experience is typical with Sundae Driver.

Cherry Pie

This strain is a cross between GDP, one of the most calming highs, and Durban Poison, one of the most energizing highs. Cherry Pie provides a long-lasting experience that can boost your mood and leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Miracle Alien Cookies

This strain, known as MAC for short, is another ganja strain that will produce a balanced high that isn’t too energizing or two relaxing, making it great to treat the blues at any time of day.

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Strawberry Cough

An uplifting euphoria is commonly associated with this sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It will give you a good amount of energy as well and is perfect for those who don’t want a potent body-high with their mental release.

Wedding Crasher

A cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch (both on this list as well), this hybrid can reduce the effects of depression just like its parent-strains. You can’t go wrong with this one!

To learn more about the different cannabis strains for anxiety, depression and other mental conditions, visit the Cannabis Training University today.

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