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What are the strongest strains of marijuana you ask?

Sure, some do offer more THC than others, but there is more to it than what a strain can potentially produce. In this article, we’ll discuss what affects THC percentage in a cannabis strain and show you 20 of the most potent marijuana strains that fit the profile of the strongest strain of marijuana!

Nature Vs. Nurture

Every cannabis strain has a set limit of the amount of THC that it can produce. However, that doesn’t mean that every single bud of that strain will be that level of potency. Instead, it’s the ceiling and producers attempt to reach that ceiling. Most of the time, they fall a bit short. After all, nobody is perfect!

What makes one strain the stongest strain of weed of all time, and the next one a dud?

So, the genetic limitations are often much higher than the THC that ends up in the bud a the time of consumption. Here are the main factors that limit THC percentage.

Growing Conditions

The growing conditions remain the most important for producing high levels of THC. While the curing and storage processes can lower THC, nothing but the growing conditions can raise it.

Here are some of the many growing conditions that affect THC levels:

  • Light exposure
  • Temperatures
  • Humidity levels
  • Quality of soil/growing medium
  • Pests & diseases
  • Irrigation
  • Nutrient availability
  • Time of harvest

Yes, that is a lot of factors that growers have to attempt to optimize. Now you know why reaching the apex THC percentages that a strain can offer is so tough.

Even if the growing conditions are perfect and the THC levels at the time of harvest are as high as possible, curing and storage can easily lower it.

Curing Process

During the curing process, the factors that can lower the THC percentage are light exposure, temperatures, and humidity. All those factors must be optimized to maintain high levels of THC and the terpene profile as well.

Storage Quality

The same factors that affect the curing process also affect the storage process. However, optimal conditions during curing and storing are not the same. If the growing conditions, curing, and storage is perfect, then viola. High THC percentages abound!

strongest marijuana strains of all time

What Is The Strongest Strains Of Marijuana?

Assuming the best growing, curing, and storing conditions are met, there are a few cannabis strains that can be listed as the strongest. Remember, each batch is different, so opinions here are sure to be different.

Top 20 strongest Marijuana Strains

Strawberry Banana – A cross between Banana Kush and the Strawberry phenotype of Bubble Gum.
Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) – This popular strain has several phenotypes, including Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies.
Bruce Banner – Named after the Incredible Hulk's alter ego, it's known for its high THC content.
Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) – A powerful hybrid strain that's known for its resin production.
The Toad – This strain boasts high THC levels and is a result of crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies.
Godfather OG – Often considered one of the strongest OG strains available.
Strawberry Cough – Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and its high THC content.
Death Star – A cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, it has a high THC concentration.
Kosher Kush – Originating from California, it's known for its high THC content.
Ghost OG – A phenotype of the renowned OG Kush, known for its potency.
Tutankhamun (King Tut) – A variant of AK-47, it boasts one of the highest THC levels.
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme – A variation of the classic GSC with even higher THC levels.
Banana Punch – Combines the genetics of Banana OG and Purple Punch, offering high THC potency.
Nova OG – Among the highest THC strains ever recorded.
Sour Diesel – A popular and pungent strain with a long-lasting high.
Purple Haze – A classic strain with high THC content, named after the Jimi Hendrix song.
Mk Ultra – An Indica dominant strain with powerful cerebral effects.
Durban Poison – Known for its uplifting high and pure Sativa lineage.
Amnesia Haze – A combination of several strains, including South Asian and Jamaican.
White Fire OG (WiFi OG) – A cross between The White and Fire OG, known for its uplifting and cerebral high.

Strongest Strains of Marijuana Recap- What is the Strongest Strain of Marijuana?

Now you that “what is the strongest strain of marijuana?” is a bit of a loaded question.

The 20 strains listed here have the best potential for the highest levels of THC, so they can be the most potent if exposed to optimal conditions.

strongest strains of marijuana

4 Strains To Avoid If a First-Time Marijuana User

When trying cannabis products for the first time, many people are surprised to learn that there are hundreds of different strains and that they all cause slightly different effects.

After trying a few different strains and witnessing firsthand how the effects can vary, people quickly start to understand why choosing the correct strain is so important.

While one strain might cause feelings of energy and motivation, another can trigger an almost sedated state and physical numbness. Given the drastic difference, it’s essential to match the strain to the setting and mood.

Understanding the effects of different strains is key to ensuring that the right effects are achieved, but also so you can avoid strains that may not be suitable for you.

Certain cannabis strains are known for their potency and hard-hitting effects. While this tends to result in these strains being loved by those who are used to cannabis, it can also trigger off-putting effects in those trying cannabis for the first time.

Over time the body builds a tolerance to the compounds found within cannabis products. This is why someone who takes cannabis regularly will likely be able to handle more potent strains and larger doses than someone trying it out for the first time.

Here are the most famous strains that should be avoided by beginners and tips for improving tolerance levels so that these strains can be enjoyed and appreciated with time.

Understanding Tolerance Levels

up close of green cannabis plant

The way that the body builds a tolerance level to cannabis is very similar to how the body reacts to other substances such as alcohol and caffeine.

When trying one of these substances for the very first time, the body has to adjust to the feelings that it can create. This is why people trying coffee for the first time might feel a sudden buzz, while someone who drinks the same cup of coffee every day will likely feel very little.

The same is true for alcohol tolerance levels and explains why some people can seemingly drink all night and appear composed, while others find that one drink is more than enough.

The more the body is exposed to a substance, the more used to that substance it becomes. A higher dosage is therefore required to cause the effects you felt the first time.

The same tolerance-building process happens with cannabis and is why certain strains can cause overwhelming and disorienting effects in people who have little to no tolerance. Many other factors affect a person’s tolerance level, such as weight, metabolism, and whether they have recently eaten. So it is also important to consider these when choosing cannabis strains.

The best way to build a tolerance and enjoy potent cannabis strains is to use them regularly. Starting with products like pure CBD gummies containing relatively mild CBD strains can be a good way to build a tolerance without causing drastic effects.

Over time, the body will be able to handle high doses and more potent strains, leading to enjoyable effects rather than simply feeling overwhelmed.

So, what are the strains that are so potent they should be avoided by people trying cannabis for the first time?

Strains of Cannabis to Avoid for First Time Users

#1 – Irish Cream

Irish Cream is a strain that has been specifically cultivated to have a high THC content and cause strong effects. A cross between Cookies & Cream and Real McCoy, Irish Cream has a THC content of 27%.

Irish Cream is a great strain for a relaxing afternoon at home for those who are used to stronger strains. The initial effects cause feelings of calm and a desire to be social and chatty. As the effects start to settle, a wave of sedation sets in, often causing users to drift off into a deep sleep.

Irish Cream is enjoyed as a recreational strain for a chill night in, setting a mellow mood that ends in restful sleep. The strain is also popular for reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. It can also be helpful as a medicinal strain to manage chronic pain.

While the effects of Irish Cream might sound appealing, they are not ideal for those trying cannabis for the first time. Rather than a relaxed few hours of calm before drifting into a peaceful sleep, people with a low tolerance level are more likely to find themselves in a state of complete sedation.

#2 – Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is another strain that has been cultivated from Cookies and Cream, which, in this instance, has been crossed with Gorilla Glue.

The shared ancestry of Cookies and Cream results in Grease Monkey sharing many of the same deeply calming effects as Irish Cream. However, Grease Monkey has an average THC content of 31% making it even stronger than its cousin.

The powerful effects of Grease Monkey make it popular as a medicinal strain, and it is often used to treat insomnia and chronic pain. It can also be taken to help people suffering from a loss of appetite.

People trying cannabis for the first time should be cautious of Grease Monkey, however, as it does not take much for the sedative effects to hit quickly and intensely. Feelings of hunger and euphoria can suddenly turn to drowsiness and difficulty staying awake.

#3 – 99 Problems

gloed hand holding a cannabis bud

99 Problems is a sativa-dominant strain with an average THC content of 30%, cultivated to be an energetic strain that is uplifting and motivating. A cross between Stardawg and White 99, this strain can be great for busy summer days, providing an extra burst of energy and creativity.

The fruity aroma of 99 Problems can easily trick novices into thinking that it will provide a causal high perfect for a fun day out with friends. This is very much not the case, and for people who are trying cannabis for the first time, the high THC content can turn what should be an uplifting high into an anxiety-filled few hours.

Being a sativa-dominant strain, 99 Problems hits hard with a sudden feeling of energy and can cause a sudden sense of anxiety and fear. The chances of such adverse effects are increased for people who have not built up a tolerance to so much THC entering their system.

If you’re brave enough to try 99 Problems, it is best to start with a very low dose to minimize the intense feelings it can cause.

#4 – Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher is a hybrid strain with an average THC content of 21-25%. It’s a cross between Purple Punch and Wedding Cake.

Despite being a hybrid, the effects of Wedding Crasher are much closer to a sativa than a hybrid. The strain is mostly used for improving motivation and focus. People often find that they can focus intensely on even the most boring of tasks after just a few puffs of Wedding Crasher.

The combination of energy and focus that Wedding Crasher offers, however, makes it less than ideal for beginners. Wedding Crasher can easily result in a person becoming lost in their own mind spiraling through their thoughts and disconnected from those around them.

Best Marijuana Strains For Night Time Use

Many recreational cannabis smokers love to indulge in the evening or at night. However, did you know there is some cannabis strains that are best smoked at night than during the day? We have the inside scoop on the cannabis strains that you should consider using at night and we are ready to share it with you. The cannabis strains that we have listed here are better used at night instead of the daytime or you might find yourself sleeping during the day when you should be up.

During the evening, it is time to wind yourself down after a long day at work or in your business. For some people, the evening is time to chill before bedtime and for some, it is time to relax and get ready to go out and have fun. No matter what we do before bedtime, we all want to sleep well; tell that to the person with insomnia and, if you rise early, by evening, you are closer to your bed than ever. Let's take a look at the cannabis strains that will reward you with sleep.

K-Train Greenhouse

If you are looking for cannabis strains with a dank and a positive impact on your sleep, then you should consider K-Train Greenhouse. How is this strain made? Well, it is a combination of Trainwreck and OG Kush. If you suffer from pain or insomnia, the K-Train Greenhouse Seeds is the ideal solution for your relief. This particular strain will leave you heavily sedated so much so that all you want to do is to sleep. If you plant this strain indoors, you should consider using either the ScrOG or LST method or both. If you plant it outdoors in sunny weather, you will notice flowering begins within ten weeks. With some TLC and bloom booster dosage that is well timed, you have the cannabisential of yielding and unlocking the amazing cannabisential of the K-Train strain.

Critical Royal Queen

If you are a commercial cannabis grower, you should give consideration to the Critical Royal Queen, if you want to help people who suffer from pain or insomnia. This is one of the indica cannabis strains that will deliver a punch. Once you consume it, before long, you will be laying on your back, side or belly. It has a high level of THC that is guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep. For growers, this is one of the cannabis strains that are easy to cultivate and a real good treat for you to smoke. This strain is ideally suited to be grown indoors using the Screen of Green (SOG) method. It takes seven weeks to flower.

Big Buddha Cheese

Most growers that plant the Big Buddha Cheese uses feminized seed that comes from Exodus Cheese, which is a clone that originates from the United Kingdom. The Big Buddha is an elite specimen originating from Afghanistan. Big Buddha Cheese is one of the cannabis strains that expands the reputation of the “Cheese” strain and does a good job of putting users to sleep. In fact, it has become a ‘saving grace' for those with insomnia and pain. This strain is easy to grow and does well with a lot of nutrients. This is one of the cannabis strains that will knock you out at night after you smoke it.

Green Poison Sweet

When you smoke Green Poison, it feels like you are having a brain fog and before long, you will be chilling in a sofa or in bed without having to count sheep. It takes eight weeks for this strain to flower. It performs well when you plant it outdoors. You can also plant it indoors using the Screen of Green (SOG) method. The result is 20% THC level, which is plenty.

Personal Review of The Strongest Marijuana Strain Ever Smoked

“Grab a snack and settle in while I take you on a journey. So, yeah, I've tried a LOT of marijuana throughout the years, right? From your standard dank to those top-shelf, glittering strains that appear to have been doused in unicorn tears.

However, absolutely nothing—I mean, absolutely NOTHING—could have prepared me for Godfather OG.

On a Saturday, Benny, my main dealer and yoga instructor, called me when I was simply hanging out in my old Led Zeppelin t-shirt. He said, “Bro,” in that low, hushed voice of his, “I've got something interstellar for you.” Interstellar? Benny made everything seem cosmic, haha. But hey, he had never before misled me.

I went over, and when I did, he handed me this tiny baggie. These trichome-covered deep purple nugs were within, each one glistening in a galaxy of trichomes with neon green streaks. It appeared as though the entire cosmos had been squeezed into this tiny packet.

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He uttered “Godfather OG” with eyes that twinkled as if he knew something. “This strain, my dude, is rumored to have been cultivated by aliens.” I laughed. Benny at his best.

I lit up the ancient bong, took a blow, and whoa… Suddenly, the surroundings began to stretch and wriggle. The couch had the texture of marshmallows, and what about my Zeppelin t-shirt? All by itself, “Stairway to Heaven” began to play. The truth!

The next thing I knew, I was floating in space with these strange-looking aliens, not in my living room. Man, they had tie-dyed skin, and they were dancing to psychedelic music. They presented me with what appeared to be a space joint. One of them winked, “For the journey.”

After I inhaled, my mind transformed into a disco ball that was reflecting a myriad of ideas and memories. I imagined myself as a child, an extremely elderly man, and finally as a potato. Oh, don't even ask.

The moment I “landed” (returned to my marshmallow sofa), I was met with an overwhelming sense of joy. It felt as though the entire cosmos had hugged me. And the need to snack?

They were on another level, dude. I ate everything in my refrigerator, including the jar of pickles that had been there for what seemed like ages.

The afterglow felt like it lasted for days, man. I was giggling and grinning, and let's just say I was experiencing high definition. Benny wasn't joking when he said that tension was extraordinary. Literally.

So, if you come across any aliens with tie-dyed skin the next time you're traveling across space, give them a nod on my behalf. They are quite talented gardeners. Leave in peace.” Gavin Kushman

What do you think is the strongest strain of weed you have ever tried?

Gavin Kushman. Cannabis strain writer in a cannabis garden
Gavin Kushman

Gavin is a worldly adventurer and cannabis connoisseur, embarking on journeys that take him to the far corners of the globe to explore and document the varied effects, flavors, and histories of both renowned and lesser-known strains. From the misty high-altitude farms of the Hindu Kush highlands to the vibrant cannabis cafes of Amsterdam, Gavin's quest for knowledge spans continents. A recognized authority in the cannabis industry, he frequently lends his expertise to leading publications such as Cannabis Training University, where his captivating blog articles chronicle his unique experiences with different cannabis strains.

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