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What Is The Strongest Strain Of Marijuana

Chances are if you ask many industry experts “what is the strongest strain of marijuana?” you’ll get a lot of different answers. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t one specific strain that offers the highest levels of THC.

Sure, some do offer more THC than others, but there is more to it than what a strain can potentially produce. In this article, we’ll discuss what affects THC percentage in a cannabis strain and show you 5 of the most potent marijuana strains that fit the profile of the strongest strain of marijuana!

Nature Vs. Nurture

Every cannabis strain has a set limit of the amount of THC that it can produce. However, that doesn’t mean that every single bud of that strain will be that level of potency. Instead, it’s the ceiling and producers attempt to reach that ceiling. Most of the time, they fall a bit short. After all, nobody is perfect!

So, the genetic limitations are often much higher than the THC that ends up in the bud a the time of consumption. Here are the main factors that limit THC percentage.

Growing Conditions

The growing conditions remain the most important for producing high levels of THC. While the curing and storage processes can lower THC, nothing but the growing conditions can raise it. Here are some of the many growing conditions that affect THC levels:

  • Light exposure
  • Temperatures
  • Humidity levels
  • Quality of soil/growing medium
  • Pests & diseases
  • Irrigation
  • Nutrient availability
  • Time of harvest

Yes, that is a lot of factors that growers have to attempt to optimize. Now you know why reaching the apex THC percentages that a strain can offer is so tough.

Even if the growing conditions are perfect and the THC levels at the time of harvest are as high as possible, curing and storage can easily lower it.

Curing Process

During the curing process, the factors that can lower the THC percentage are light exposure, temperatures, and humidity. All those factors must be optimized to maintain high levels of THC and the terpene profile as well.

Storage Quality

The same factors that affect the curing process also affect the storage process. However, optimal conditions during curing and storing are not the same. If the growing conditions, curing, and storage is perfect, then viola. High THC percentages abound!

What Is The Strongest Strain Of Marijuana? Here Are 5 Of The Best!

Assuming the best growing, curing, and storing conditions are met, there are a few cannabis strains that can be listed as the strongest. Remember, each batch is different, so opinions here are sure to be different. But, these 5 strains will typically be on the list of the strongest strains, regardless of the expert you ask!

Godfather OG

Known as the don of OGs, the Godfather OG strain has tested at an ungodly THC level of 34%. It’s a sedative indica-dominant hybrid that will leave novices stuck on the couch or crawling to the bed. Insomnia and pain are no match for this spicy kushy ganja.

While it has tested at uber-high THC levels, you can also find batches in the low-to-mid 20s and even sometimes as low as 16-19%. That means even novices can enjoy this experience if they can find a less-potent batch.


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Even though it has been tested as one of the strongest strains of marijuana ever, it is less widespread than the other 4 pot strains listed here.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner may be the calm alter-ego of The Hulk, but this ganja is anything but calm. It has tested at 29% THC, but averages around 21%. This high average means that any given batch of Bruce Banner will be more potent than the average batch of other popular cannabis strains.

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid that grants creativity and euphoria in an energizing high. The experience is mostly cerebral, but some users also enjoy physical relaxation without sedation. Berry and diesel are apparent in the essence of Bruce Banner.

Ghost Train Haze

If you enjoy the energizing effects of the sativa-dominant Bruce Banner, you’ll love Ghost Train Haze even more. This weed strain leans even more towards sativa and tests around 27% THC.

Beginners beware, as a smoking session with Ghost Train Haze can easily lead to a paranoia-inducing high that almost feels psychedelic.

A small hit of this sour citrus and floral bud will boost creativity and concentration, but one hit too many and you are sent into a cerebral haze lacking all aspects of productivity.


Chemdawg, or Chemdog, is one of the most popular marijuana strains and has been around for decades. It has been used to parent countless child-strains that have risen to widespread fame. While the average batch of Chemdawg strain only reaches around 19% THC, it has been tested at an astounding 32%

That shows the utter potential of this classic marijuana strain. Sour Deisel and OG Kush wouldn’t be around if not for this pungent diesel-like cannabis strain!

Original Glue

What used to be called Gorilla Glue is now known as Original Glue or GG4, due to copyright issues. It’s a descendant of the Deisel and Chemdog lineages. (remember how important Chemdawg was – no Original Glue without Chemdawg!).

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GG4 has tested to up to 28% THC, and average batches are around 20%. Even the average batch of this bud is sure to hit hard! This strain is pungent and has aromatic features of earthy and sour tones.

Ready To Blaze?

Now you that “what is the strongest strain of marijuana?” is a bit of a loaded question. While genetic potential is one thing to consider, the care of the crop is the real limiter of THC percentage in cannabis strains.

The 5 strains listed here have the best potential for the highest levels of THC, so they can be the most potent if exposed to optimal conditions.

Hopefully, you learned something new in this article! If you like learning about everything related to marijuana, check out our high-rated professional training courses! They might just be exactly what you have been looking for.

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