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Arkansas Cannabis College is open for enrollment!

Arkansas has recently passed a medical marijuana law that has many in the state looking to either cash in on a cannabis business, or become a legal cannabis patient.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment will allow patients with qualifying conditions to obtain cannabis with their doctor’s permission.

Although a small step, many Arkansas residents are looking ahead to what they think will be a much broader set of laws and regulations.

Joan Kingsman of Little Rock, “I am excited that our state is finally allowing medical marijuana to be given to patients that need it. I hope in the next few years our state allows for recreational marijuana like Colorado, and I hope we get an entire new industry here for jobs and tax purposes soon. I enrolled at CTU to learn as much as I can about the plant and the industry so I am ahead of the curve.”

Cannabis Training University is the official Arkansas cannabis college, since first going into business in 2009, CTU has the most graduates of any online cannabis college, as well as the most information included in the program, and the lowest price of admission.

Jeffrey Zorn, CTU's CEO, “We are happy to provide Arkansas with a cannabis college that will help them understand the every-changing laws and regulations as the industry evolves in their state. We keep our prices low so more students can enjoy the education, even from lower income levels.”


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Cannabis Training University's online Expert Certificate Program includes information on all areas of the cannabis industry, such as; how to grow marijuana, how to cook with marijuana, how to do extractions with marijuana, how to start a cannabis business, how to write a cannabis resume, how to write a cannabis business plan, how to open a dispensary, how to start a marijuana delivery service, marijuana as medicine, where to invest in the cannabis business, how to find a cannabis job, cannabis laws and regulations, and many more useful cannabis subjects.

CTU is the Arkansas marijuana school, with all the latest Arkansas marijuana laws, as well as contact information for Arkansas cannabis jobs and careers.

Cannabis Training University is the leading cannabis college in both the USA and Canada and has been since 2009.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Any Arkansas residents interested in the Arkansas cannabis industry can enroll for online training at the Arkansas cannabis school, CTU.