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Cannabis Training University has been on the Internet now since 2009 and has continued to develop its online courses in more states than in the past. Now the state of Georgia and city of Atlanta is on the agenda. This means that Atlanta or Georgia residents can participate in their marijuana school online program. It is so easy to do. It takes less time than it would take to go to a physical marijuana school.

The Online Operation of the Atlanta Marijuana School

The online school has lead the charge now for years and has earned its reputation as the best marijuana school. Students can feel confident attending this great marijuana institute and know that they are getting their money's worth and learning a lot about the cannabis industry and how to start a new career in the industry.

Training schools that operate on the internet makes it easier for students to complete their cannabis courses since it can be done in the comfort of the home on a laptop or tablet or phone. The student does not have to drive to a location. There is absolutely no commute involved and that saves on fuel and other incidentals. Who wouldn't want to have the luxury of getting certified without the hassle of driving to a school after a hard day at work?

The School

At Atlanta Marijuana School (CTU), the students are taught the various facets of the marijuana business and industry. They are taught how to prepare for a 420 career in different positions such as cannabis dispensary manager, marijuana grower, budtender, sales rep, marijuana bud trimmer and even a cannabis dispensary owner. The sky is the limit to what you can do in the industry. If you possess the necessary experience, training, skills and expertise you can go far. CTU is the source of all the knowledge and training you will need to progress in the cannabis industry.

The Student's View

Atlanta resident Charlie Blackwell was quick to note that he enrolled at this Atlanta Marijuana School about a year ago and completed the online marijuana program at CTU. He said, “I learned so much from the instructors and they were quick to answer any questions that I had. It took just one email message and I got a response in minutes. There are interactive videos and hands-on material that explain everything the student needs to learn. It was easy to follow along.”


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“I particularly loved finishing each course and getting to the quiz. I think I only failed once and had to go back and do the course over to refresh my memory. But, anyway, I was able to obtain a marijuana certification after completing all the quizzes and passing the final exam. CTU allows you to print your certificate from your computer. Nothing has to be mailed to you unless you request it. You would do yourself a lot of good to complete this online program at this particular Atlanta Marijuana School.”

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Choosing this Atlanta Marijuana School is going to be a personal decision, but the choice will benefit you in so many ways. Students get to learn how to plant weed, how medical marijuana helps certain chronic illnesses, how to set up a hydroponic system and much more. If you really want to embark on a career in the cannabis industry, check out this Atlanta Marijuana School at the Cannabis Training University. Your decision will be well worth it. Do it for your future.

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