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As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more people and businesses are looking for a cannabis certification program to help advance their career or business.

Cannabis Training University is the leading cannabis college, with the most graduates of any cannabis school, the most amount of information, and by far, the lowest cost of enrollment.

CTU offers affordable online cannabis training, for anyone to take, from anywhere in the world.

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of CTU, “We prefer to keep prices low so more people can afford the training. We believe that an online cannabis training program can be affordable so the masses can enjoy it. Other cannabis colleges charge many hundreds, even thousands of dollars and give less time, less information, and are not as recognized within the cannabis industry as a legitimate certification.”

Students at Cannabis Training University can learn about all areas of the cannabis industry.

Classes include; how to grow cannabis, how to do cannabis extractions, how to start a cannabis business, how to write a cannabis resume, how to get a cannabis job, how to open a dispensary, how to be a budtender in a dispensary, marijuana as a medicine, and marijuana laws and regulations.

The online cannabis certification programs at CTU is self paced, so students can learn on their own schedule, unlike if they attend a live seminar.

With all the latest reform on cannabis laws, CTU is the leading cannabis college across the United States, Canada, and now even other countries around the world as well.

Cannabis businesses are looking at Cannabis Training University for online business certification programs.


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Kim Hevens, of the CannaKind Dispensary, “We have twenty employees and we wanted to get them as knowledgeable as possible about all areas of cannabis so we had them all certified and trained and Cannabis Training University. It has helped our staff stay well versed on the history of cannabis and many other areas they needed to brush up on. And the cannabis certification program brings an extra layer of credibility to our cannabis business.”

Cannabis Training University has seen explosive growth since it began back in 2009, making it the first online cannabis college.

CTU also has a massive cannabis social media network, with millions of followers and views. Many companies are contacting CTU for exposure on their social media pages to increase reach and likes on their own business pages, since social media does not allow cannabis businesses to pay for advertising.

Anyone interested in a cannabis certification program can sign up at Cannabis Training University for the online master of marijuana certification program.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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There is no prior experience or education needed to enroll at CTU.

Cannabis Training University is the premier cannabis college, offering online cannabis certifications in all cannabis states, Canada, and worldwide.