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Cannabis classes from CTU provide students with essential skills to find a job in the cannabis industry. Credentials from a credible cannabis education institute can prepare cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals for an exciting future in the industry.

Cannabis Jobs Are on the Rise

Cannabis has the fastest-growing job market in the country. As of 2022, the industry employs 428,059 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs, a 33% (107,000 jobs) increase from the previous year.

California, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, and Massachusetts topped the list of most FTE jobs in the industry, followed by Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon.

Cannabis skills are a hot commodity across various sectors, including cultivation, manufacturing, retail, distribution, testing, and ancillary segments (accounting, law, security, IT, marketing).

Do You Need Cannabis Classes and Certifications?

Cannabis credentials from a renowned training institute can help professionals find employment in various occupations. 

  • Cannabis Growing Pro: trimmers, growers, packagers, grow managers
  • Cannabis Extraction Pro: laboratory technicians, laboratory managers, extraction specialists
  • Cannabis Dispensary Pro: budtenders, assistant managers, managers
  • Cannabis Business Pro: entrepreneurs, business professionals, operators
  • Cannabis Cooking Pro: kitchen assistants, kitchen managers, executive/formulation chefs
  • Cannabis Budtender: budtenders

Cannabis Certificates

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Cannabis Training University’s certificates cover essential aspects of the industry.

  • 100% online cannabis classes
  • 100% legal worldwide
  • Learn any time, any place
  • 1-year access

We offer eight cannabis certification programs featuring required content covered in quizzes and the final exam and optional content (not covered on certification exams) to round out your cannabis education. 

Which cannabis classes and certification program is right for you?

Master of Marijuana (Best Value)

Become an expert in all things cannabis with the Master of Marijuana Certification Program, a collection of our cannabis courses on cannabis business, cultivation, extraction, careers, law, cooking, and medicine.

If you are an expert in your field and want to expand your knowledge across all areas of the industry, this program is right for you. 42 hours of required content and 120 hours of optional content give you a comprehensive understanding of the industry as a whole.

Marijuana 101

If you are new to cannabis, this program is perfect for you. Caregivers, patients, and hobbyists can learn about growing cannabis, cooking with cannabis, and using cannabis as a medicine. This program has seven cannabis classes that provides a solid educational foundation for a start in the industry.

Students can become familiar with state- and province-specific cannabis laws to safely and legally use cannabis. The Marijuana 101 Certification Program comes with 14 hours of required content and over 100 hours of optional content, so you can learn as much as you need.

Cannabis Growing Pro

Interested in working at a cannabis cultivation facility? The Cannabis Growing Pro Certificate Program gives you an in-depth understanding of every step of the cultivation process. Enjoy 23 hours of required content and 85 hours of optional content. This course can help you start your own home grow or open your cannabis cultivation center. 


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Cannabis Extraction Pro

Do you dream of working in a cannabis extraction facility? The Cannabis Extraction Pro Certification Programteaches you cannabis extraction techniques and how to make cannabis concentrates. This program has 13.5 hours of required content and 50 hours of optional content.

Learn about solventless extraction methods such as dry sifting and ice water extraction, which can safely be performed at home. Explore the essentials of hydrocarbon and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction to prepare to work in a licensed cannabis laboratory.

Cannabis Dispensary Pro

Do you dream of opening a dispensary or working your way up in the retail cannabis world? The Cannabis Dispensary Pro Certification Program provides you with a comprehensive curriculum covering laws, business requirements, and samples of pitch decks and business plans, everything you need to pursue your retail dreams.

Cannabis Business Pro

The Cannabis Business Pro Certification Program is designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to gain a competitive edge. Enjoy 13 hours of required content and 120 hours of optional content about the three main industry sectors: cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. Supplementary information about ancillary businesses and careers gives you a well-rounded education on best practices for cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Cooking Pro

Looking for work in a commercial cannabis kitchen? The Cannabis Cooking Pro Certification Program dives deep into how to infuse cannabinoids into various products. You get 12 hours of required content and 50 hours of optional content to learn how to work in a commercial cannabis kitchen or infused-product manufacturing facility.

You will learn everything about preparing cannabis for oil extraction, oil extraction techniques, straining, filtering, and purging the oil, and cooking with cannabis. We provide students with various recipes for beverages, sweet edibles, savory edibles, and topicals.

Cannabis Budtender

Cannabis budtender jobs are in-demand. Learn how to become a budtender with the Cannabis Budtender Certification Program, featuring 7 hours of required content and 10 hours of optional content, more than enough to give you the knowledge you need to work in a dispensary.

About Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University has been a world leader in cannabis education since 2009. We offer practical and affordable training so that you can find the cannabis job of your dreams. We provide you with the knowledge you need to get hired or start your own business.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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