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If you want to work in the hottest cannabis market in Canada, there's no better place to get started than enrolling in the Cannabis College Alberta.

Alberta's high dispensary count makes it a great place to work in the retail segment. Find jobs in cultivation, extraction, retail, tourism, and so much more, all with the right industry certification.

Alberta Cannabis College: Higher Education

Cannabis Training University’s industry certification is open to students of all skill levels across the world. Whether you're in Calgary, Edmonton, or Sherwood Park, Alberta Cannabis University provides industry-leading education at a reasonable price, all online.

Remote & Flexible

Alberta Cannabis College is available to enrolled students with a computer and internet access. Online course modules are available 24/7 to fit your busy schedule. Access all ebooks and videos from anywhere in the world.

Twelve-Weeks Access

Upon enrollment, get twelve weeks of access to all of the program’s educational resources including e-books, videos, and books written by Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja. Learn at your own pace without the stress of hard deadlines.

Value & Quality

As the world's largest and leading online cannabis college, we provide a complete curriculum covering all major aspects of the industry. At an affordable price point, you will learn about all major aspects of the industry including:

  • Cannabis laws and regulations
  • How to grow cannabis
  • Cannabis as medicine
  • Cannabis businesses
  • Cooking with cannabis and extractions
  • Cannabis careers

Find your place in this fast-growing industry by enrolling at Alberta Marijuana School. We’ll prepare you to work in any segment of the industry.

From Hobby to Career: Cannabis Job Training

Alberta Cannabis College isn't just for those seeking cannabis employment. If you just want to learn how to grow cannabis, cook with cannabis, use cannabis as medicine, or make your own extracts, cannabis training in Alberta gives you the educational foundation you need.

If you're over the age of 18, you're free to buy or carry 30 grams of cannabis at a time and grow four plants per household. Take advantage of Alberta’s cannabis-friendly laws by growing and making your own cannabis products.

Attending Alberta Cannabis University can help complete beginners start a new hobby and seasoned users fill in educational gaps. Certification from CTU opens the door for many job opportunities if you ever want to turn your hobby into a career.

Legal Requirements to Work in Alberta

Alberta's cannabis industry has many requirements for people looking for work. Alberta's Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) regulates the following types of cannabis workers:

  • Retail staff
  • Individuals who market cannabis in Alberta

In order to work in the province’s retail industry, you must be an AGLC approved Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) by completing the QWC application and SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training. Applicants must also pass a criminal records check.

While not a requirement, Alberta Cannabis College goes above and beyond SellSafe training.  Mandatory training covers local laws and staff responsibilities to the customers. Online cannabis college is the ultimate continuing education.

Cannabis Jobs in Alberta

Alberta's cannabis industry is booming. It has almost as many retail licenses as all the other Canadian provinces combined. That gives you a greater chance to get hired. Here are the few of the most in-demand jobs in Alberta, Canada.


  • Budtender: Sell cannabis to medical and recreational users and answer all of their product questions.
  • Security: Monitor for suspicious activity inside and outside the facility.
  • Reception: Greet and check-in customers, as well as answer phones and email.
  • Dispensary manager: Manage the daily operations of the facility. Meet sales goals. Hire and train new staff.


  • Bud trimmer: Assist in post-harvest duties such as hand trimming and packaging cannabis bud.
  • Cultivation assistant: Assist in all plant growing activities and maintenance including watering, feeding, pruning, training, and harvesting.
  • Head grower: Oversee the commercial cultivation operation from planting to harvesting. Manage the budget and employees at the same time.


  • Packager: Operate packaging equipment, as well as manage labeling, packing, and cleaning tasks.
  • Inventory specialist: Manage raw materials and finished goods and keep supply chain processes running smoothly.
  • Extraction technician: Operate closed-loop extraction equipment in a lab setting to create extracts from raw material.
  • Edibles chef: Formulate new infused products in the kitchen.
  • Quality assurance: Conduct regular tests and improvements to ensure the equipment, processes, and final products meet brand guidelines and local regulations.

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Alberta

If you meet the minimum age requirement (18) to work in Alberta's cannabis market, you can apply to a variety of cannabis jobs. If you don't have the right experience, find a job in a non-cannabis field that requires the same skills. Here are a few career tips to make the job hunt easier:

  • Enroll in the Cannabis College Alberta: Stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations in Alberta, Canada, and the rest of the world. Our complete curriculum covers all areas of the industry.
  • Network: Mingle with industry employees and business leaders at local industry events. Join relevant online groups and complete your online career profiles to be the first to know when a job opens up.
  • Apply: Search online job boards or cannabis-specific job sites everyday and apply with a resume and cover letter. Even with so many job opportunities in Alberta, the competition can be stiff. For the best chance of getting hired, get industry certified at CTU.

Get Industry Certified

Are you ready to join Alberta's thriving cannabis market? Do you want to build your skills and gain wider industry knowledge?

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Enroll in CTU’s online cannabis certification programs today!

Get industry certified by the most renowned cannabis college in the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. Join thousands of other students who've become CTU certified and joined the green rush.

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