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If you want to start working in one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world, enrolling in the Cannabis College Colorado is your best bet.

Colorado's thriving medical and adult-use markets have brought in billions of dollars. They’ve also supported tens of thousands of full-time cannabis jobs over the past several years. It’s your time to get in on the action.

Whether you want to learn some basic skills on how to use and grow cannabis or want to gain industry knowledge to become hirable, Cannabis Training University is perfect for students of all skill levels.

Cannabis College Colorado Overview

In today's highly competitive cannabis job market, businesses have a large pool of applicants to choose from. In order to stand apart from the competition, cannabis industry certification can improve your chances of getting hired.

While no specific industry training is required in Colorado, there's no downside to enrolling in the Cannabis College Colorado. In fact, there are many benefits to getting your cannabis education from CTU.

100% Online

We know it's hard to balance a long list of responsibilities and commitments. That's why a completely remote learning program gives students the flexibility to complete their online coursework on their schedule.

Balance volunteer opportunities, enroll in supplemental courses, and work full time to move forward with your career. It's never been easier to update your skills as long as you have a strong internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

12 Months of Access

Enrolling in CTU gives you access to all course material for 12 months straight. An entire year of uninterrupted and full-access learning. You have a lot of time to dive deep into all e-books, videos, handouts, and additional resources.

Plus, 12 months of access gives you plenty of opportunities to pass the final exam. When you pass, you earn an invaluable cannabis industry certification. Learn as slow or as fast as you want. CTU gives you the power to level up your career on your time.

Low-Cost Industry Training

As a completely online learning curriculum, CTU offers numerous savings over traditional in-class education or other cannabis colleges. CTU’s relatively budget-friendly price point is accessible to nearly anyone on a shoestring budget who is able to save for a few months.

In addition, CTU’s online platform allows students to save on additional costs associated with attending a campus. Hidden costs include transportation, childcare, textbooks, and other associated time and budget constraints.

World-Renowned Curriculum

Best of all, CTU never sacrifices course quality for affordability. In fact, CTU has earned a reputation as the most complete and renowned cannabis training institution in the world.

Our course curriculum is created by the world's leading experts in their field. Course content is regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date laws, techniques, and developments in the industry.

Whether you're a user who wants to start a gardening hobby or an entrepreneur who wants to start a business, CTU covers a variety of relevant course topics including:


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  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Cannabis cooking
  • Cannabis extraction
  • Cannabis as medicine
  • Cannabis careers
  • Cannabis business

Colorado's Cannabis Market

As one of the most mature cannabis markets in the world, Colorado has experienced unprecedented growth over the years.

  • In 2000, Colorado became one of the first states to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  • In 2012, voters legalized adult-use cannabis for adults over the age of 21.

Since then, the state has experienced explosive sales and job growth.

Minimum age requirement: 21 years old for adult users or 18 and up for medical cannabis

Possession limit: 1 oz. of cannabis for adult users or 2 oz. for medical cannabis patients

Cultivation limit: 6 plants with 3 in the flowering stage and a maximum of 12 plants per household

As a Colorado resident, cannabis education can teach you all the laws of your state, how to grow weed, how to use weed, and how to move forward with your career in one of the hottest cannabis markets in the world.

Cannabis Jobs in Colorado

Based on the latest 2021 jobs report by Leafly, Colorado is the second-highest state with the most full-time cannabis jobs at 35,539 right behind California with 57,970 jobs.

In terms of sales, Colorado is at the head of the pack with more per-capita cannabis sales than any other state. Even after several years of recreational cannabis, the state’s sales are steadily rising.

If you want to be a part of the Centennial State’s growing industry, here are a few of the most popular weed jobs in Colorado to look out for.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +


  • Budtender
  • Receptionist
  • Security Guard
  • Dispensary Manager


  • Trimmer
  • Grower’s Assistant
  • Master Grower


  • Packager
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Inventory Specialist
  • Edibles Chef
  • Kitchen Assistant

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Colorado

Colorado’s industry is steadily on the rise. There are plenty of cannabis industry jobs in retail, manufacturing, cultivation, and ancillary industries such as accounting, marketing, law, IT, and many more.

Here's a primer on how you can land a cannabis industry job, even without any experience.

  1. Enroll in the Cannabis College Colorado: Enroll in the renowned Cannabis Training University to learn your state’s rules and regulations including those of every state in the nation. Get a world-class education on cannabis cultivation, law, medicine, career, and business and earn a certification when you pass the final exam. It's an extra skill that can set you over the top over other applicants.
  2. Earn your job skills: Even if you've never worked in the industry, there's still plenty of employment opportunities for you. Start by looking for work outside of the industry in jobs that require relevant skills to the cannabis job you want to work in. For example,  working in a nursery can give you the cultivation skills needed to become a cannabis trimmer or grower’s assistant.
  3. Create a resume and cover letter: Even with the right job skills and education, you need the right resume and cover letter to showcase your qualifications. Using the proper formatting, fonts, and information makes it easier for hiring managers to skim through your qualifications and pick you over the rest.
  4. Meet all legal requirements: If you're hireable, you'll need to apply for a MED badge and pass a background check to start working. Once that’s complete, you'll be a part of a fast-growing industry with sky-high potential.

Cannabis College Colorado – Get Industry Certified

If you're ready to start learning everything you wanted to know about cannabis, there's no better place to start than Cannabis Training University.

Earn your cannabis certification from CTU to gain a competitive edge over the rest of the applicants. Not only will you make your resume more robust, but you’ll also learn a wealth of practical information to make your cannabis experience more enjoyable and fun.

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