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As the cannabis industry continues to generate billions of dollars in revenue, an increasing number of cannabis entrepreneurs, job seekers, and users are looking for quality cannabis education that can provide them with an in-depth understanding of this up-and-coming industry.

Students can choose from a varied selection of cannabis education programs, but which one is the best for them? What is their area of interest? What’s the budget? Creating a comprehensive plan can provide students with the best value and education.

If you’re interested in getting a cannabis education from one of the world’s most renowned training institutes, enroll in Cannabis Training University. CTU provides students of all skill levels from around the world with an affordable and online-based curriculum. 

Learn at your own pace with a comprehensive program created by industry experts. 

Why Industry Credentials are Important

In today’s competitive cannabis market, industry credentials can set you apart from the competition. Whether you’re looking to get hired by a cannabis company or want to start your own business, industry credentials give you the cannabis skills you need to succeed.

Find a Cannabis Career

While industry certification is not a requirement for any cannabis job, industry credentials can showcase your passion, knowledge, and commitment to the industry. Certifications from a renowned training program are an excellent addition to your resume and cover letter.

Learn How to Start a Weed Business

Cannabis rules and regulations vary by state and municipality. In addition, rules can change fast. Cannabis industry certification gives you up-to-date information on how you can apply for a business license, get financing, remain state-compliant, and stand out from the competition.

Find a Reputable Cannabis Training Institute

Cannabis Education. Cannabis Training Institute .

In this relatively new industry, there is no standardized cannabis certification program. Students must choose from a wide range of educational institutions, including public colleges and universities and online-based training institutes like CTU.

Traditional College and University

An increasing number of universities and colleges are now offering cannabis degrees and courses on cannabis law, business, cultivation, chemistry, biology, science, and more. Cannabis certificates can cost a couple of thousand dollars, while 2- and 4-year programs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Cannabis certifications and programs usually focus on a single subject.

Online Industry Training

Online industry training is an affordable alternative to traditional higher learning institutes. CTU offers the best value compared to other online cannabis programs. We offer a wide range of courses covering cannabis business, law, medicine, careers, cooking, extraction, and cultivation. Students have 12 weeks of access to the course content and eight e-books written by Ed Rosenthal, legendary author, grower, and activist.

Explore an Area of Interest

A major part of getting a good cannabis education is knowing why you want to pursue higher education and what your areas of interest are. 

Are you an entrepreneur looking for potential areas of investment in the cannabis industry?

Are you an established authority in your industry looking to make a career change toward cannabis?

Are you a user who dreams of working in the cannabis industry?

Depending on your objective, the training institute and courses you choose will vary.

Interested in online-based training from Cannabis Training University?

Cannabis Training University offers a comprehensive program covering all major areas of interest. Enroll in the Master of Cannabis Certification Program for access to all 10 certificates:

Outdoor Marijuana

Learn how to use the natural elements and living soil to produce high-quality buds in an outdoor or greenhouse setting.

Indoor Marijuana

Explore different ways to set up an indoor garden, including soil-based and soil-less methods. Find out the best grow lights, nutrients, medium, and training techniques you need for your growing project.

Cannabis Cooking

Learn how to create cannabutter, cannabis oil, and a wide range of other edible infusions using stovetop, oven, slow cooker, and other cooking methods.

Medical Marijuana

Medical users and health professionals can dig into the science of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, and how cannabinoids and other components interact throughout our body as well as step-by-step instructions on how to become a patient in your state.


Understand the roles and responsibilities of a cannabis budtender, salary, advancement opportunities, and techniques to land the job, including how to create a resume and cover letter.

Cannabis Extraction

Explore solventless and solvent-based cannabis extraction techniques used at home and in a commercial setting. Find out how to safely and effectively make your own extracts at home.

How to Open a Cannabis Business

Learn how to apply for a cannabis business, get funding, create a business plan and pitch deck, and other steps to opening a business. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs, business professionals, operators, and more. 

Marijuana 101

If you're completely new to cannabis, a primer on all things cannabis lets you understand the origins of cannabis, the anatomy of the plant, and how its components produce therapeutic benefits.

How to Open a Dispensary 

This program teaches you how to build a retail shop from the ground up, including hiring staff, getting insurance, dealing with inventory, meeting sales goals, and other areas in the operation.

Our multiple cannabis certificate programs begin with the basics of cannabis and provide a wealth of content on advanced subjects, as well. We provide tons of additional content, including e-books and handouts, that go beyond course instruction, so you can learn what interests you most.

Learn from Home – Tips for Success

Once you sign up for cannabis education, it's time to create a tentative schedule and figure out how you plan to complete the program. While online learning offers the ultimate flexibility, it requires self-directed learning.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
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Here are a few tips to help you with online learning:

  • Set up a distraction-free learning environment
  • Set apart time blocks during the days you are free to create a routine/schedule and make learning more manageable. 
  • Explore supplemental learning resources to gain a better understanding of the material.
  • Reward yourself throughout the experience after passing a quiz or completing a large section.

Get CTU Certified

No matter what cannabis training program you choose, getting certified requires passing a final exam. Final exams cover everything you learned in the program. In some cases, programs may allow students to retake the test until they have passed.

After you successfully complete the exam, you will receive a physical or digital certificate certifying you are a cannabis graduate. An official university certificate can be hung up proudly at home and make a great addition to your online career profile, resume, and cover letter. It opens the door to many exciting career opportunities.

Enroll in World-Class Cannabis Education

Cannabis Training University offers quality cannabis education for students of all skill levels. Whether you are new to cannabis or have smoked for decades, CTU’s comprehensive program covers the latest in the industry and regularly updates information to provide you with the best education at an affordable price.

Start your cannabis education today!

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