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There are many terrific roles within the marijuana industry. Everyone may have his or her own preference as to which role he or she would like to fill. However, one of the most popular and sought after is the role of budtender.

While it may sound like a great career, you may not fully understand all it entails. The budtender is a critical position within each dispensary with a variety of tasks to fulfill. In this article, we will look at this respected trade and shed some light on a day in the life of a budtender.

Duties of a Budtender

As the name clearly implies, a budtender will tend to the marijuana buds. However, the budtender’s primary role is to be the first line of contact with the public. They are in many ways similar to a bartender. It is their job to assist marijuana users with their purchases.

They will answer questions, and offer suggestions and recommendations on various strains and uses. Because of this, it is critical that the budtender be highly knowledgeable about the cultivation of marijuana, as well as the aspects of different strains provided by the dispensary itself and other providers.

Additionally, the budtender must fully understand the legal aspects of the business to ensure they are operating within the law.

Train to be a Budtender

Gaining the knowledge needed to become a budtender should be the top priority of anyone seriously seeking a career as one.

First, it is important to discover if the role is a suitable fit for your personality and skill set. If you are uncomfortable working with people, for example, you may want to consider an alternate area of specialization in the cannabis industry.

You may have an excellent foundation of knowledge already, and a comprehensive training program delivered by the top experts in the field will serve to enhance and expand that knowledge. If you have never before worked or studied marijuana, that sort of education is an absolute necessity to succeed.


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