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Cannabis Training at a discount! Enrolling in a nationally recognized cannabis training course is more affordable than ever. For a limited time only, you can enroll in Cannabis Training University’s Cannabis Certification courses at a discounted rate and learn everything you need to know about marijuana.

Whether you’re looking to use cannabis for the first time or you want to build a foundation for your career in the cannabis industry, a Cannabis Training University discount can make all of the difference. And you don’t even need a Cannabis Training University coupon or promo code!

Cannabis Courses Offered

Cannabis-centric colleges differ in their enrollment processes, course offerings, costs, and course lengths. Most cannabis training programs cover the basics of indoor and outdoor cannabis growing, laws and regulations, how to start a cannabis business, budtending tips, or the many medical effects of marijuana. Cannabis Training University gives you the largest scope of industry knowledge for the price. Sign-up fast to learn about the following important topics:

  • How to Grow Marijuana
  • How to Cook with Cannabis
  • Cannabis Laws and Regulations
  • How to Open a Dispensary & Delivery Service
  • Marijuana as Medicine – Hypocrisies, Lies, and Miracles Revealed
  • How to Write a Cannabis Resume
  • Marijuana Jobs
  • How to be a Budtender
  • How to Get a Cannabis Job
  • How to Write a Business Plan for the Cannabis Industry
  • How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in any State
  • How to Get Your Own Medical Marijuana Card
  • How to Become a Licensed Marijuana Grower in Your State

Instead of having to choose between a horticulture and business-related course, Cannabis Training University offers a large amount of informative content for a competitive price. Take your time as you go through a 22-lesson cannabis course that’ll teach you about growing your first cannabis plant, cloning, breeding, and offer more invaluable insight into award-winning nutrient blends that can yield high-quality flower buds. Once you sign up, you’ll have a full year to complete the course!

Looking to stretch your dollar even further or flex your culinary muscle? Cannabis Training University’s 14-lesson course on decarboxylation and cooking with medical marijuana will have you making your own edibles, oils, topicals, and tinctures in no time. You can save money by making your own products to your exact specifications. E-books on the clinical application of cannabis can help you dose and use cannabis efficiently and safely.

If your dreams extend beyond simply learning about marijuana, the Cannabis Training University course is a valuable investment toward a cannabis career. You’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of the legal, real estate, and manufacturing side of creating a marijuana business. Enroll today to start learning the following career-advancing topics for a low price:

  • Quality and Customer Service in Cannabis
  • Where to Invest in the Cannabis Industry
  • Raid Preparedness for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Cannabis – A Closer Look for the Aspiring Budtender
  • Marijuana Growing and Distributing Standards
  • How to Make Money in the Marijuana Business
  • How to Run a Responsible Cannabis Business

Marijuana Certification Cost

Cannabis training certification varies among training institutions. You can expect to pay either per class, semester, hour, event, or length of time. Cannabis training classes can start in the hundreds and can reach up to $2,000. Cannabis Training University provides the best bang for your buck. Instead of furiously scribbling notes at an event or learning all about a subject only to forget it six months later, enroll in Cannabis Training University’s budget-friendly online marijuana course. For less than a cost of a single course in other cannabis colleges, you get one-year access to a wealth of resources for a discounted price.

Cannabis Training University can be an affordable training solution for friends who don’t mind splitting the cost. During the 12 months after you pay for enrollment, you can share the course content with all your friends and family. They won’t be able to get the Masters of Cannabis certificate, but they can access the videos, e-books, and online resources with your login information. On top of the current Cannabis Training University discount, individuals can get a 10 percent military discount with proof of identification.


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Cannabis Course Length

Cannabis Training University gives you ample time to master every cannabis topic at your own pace. No need for crash courses when you have one year of access to educational videos, 8 in-depth courses, pages of e-books, Ed Rosenthal’s anthology of cannabis books, quizzes, and certificates upon completion. CTU gives you plenty of time to comb through every part of the cannabis training program.

Commuting to a class can be a deal-breaker for individuals short on time. An online class is a worthwhile alternative to hands-on training for a variety of reasons including its affordability and convenience.

Online Cannabis School Location

Cannabis training courses may be offered on-site and/or online to fit your needs. Classes can be held inside a classroom for as long as nine hours. Some cannabis colleges offer online courses, but only for a limited amount of time. Cannabis Training University offers an expansive array of courses created by thought leaders in cannabis. If you’re on a tight schedule, an online cannabis training class is one less obstacle between you and a deeper understanding of cannabis.

It’s never been a better time to sign-up for a trusted cannabis training course, regardless of your location. Take advantage of Cannabis Training University’s course discount to have all the course content in the palm of your hands. All you need is the motivation and internet connection to take charge and complete the program on your own. If you’re ready to make a change, Cannabis Training University can help.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Now that cannabis is legal in more than two dozen states, consumers will have more access to the plant and its derivatives as well as an increased chance to work in the cannabis industry. Marijuana is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Job board companies and data & analytics companies estimate that the cannabis industry has about 200,000 to 300,000 jobs across the nation. Act fast to save 50% OFF and enroll at a discounted rate for CTU’s Cannabis Certification Programs  to start your cannabis career now. The discounted price won’t last long!

Cannabis Training Program Online

Start your marijuana job training with online cannabis training from the number one, best cannabis college online. Only Cannabis Training University is the leading cannabis college with the most cannabis education, the most affordable cannabis cost, and the most recognized cannabis certifications in the entire marijuana industry. Start your cannabis training today!

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