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Do you want to get into the cannabis industry? If you want to be a marijuana employee, you must be equipped with the knowledge, skill and expertise necessary to work in the cannabis industry.

Although, some marijuana dispensary owners offer on the job training, there may be time constraints for you to get the most knowledge. In a Cannabis Training University setting, you will have a chance to access a wide range of information that is related to the marijuana industry.

The Contrast

There are certain specifics to cannabis training and moreover, in contrast to a marijuana dispensary owner, you will receive the appropriate certification upon completing courses at the Cannabis Training University. So, you would benefit more with online courses.

You get to train at your own pace and during your own schedule. In most states, marijuana workers must know the law and in others, they must be registered with the state. For example, in the state of Massachusetts, marijuana workers have to pay a registration fee of $500.

The Requirements

Each legal state has their own requirements, but many of them are getting onboard with requiring that cannabis workers get a certain number of hours in training and education. There are also specific topics that the some states want medical cannabis workers to know such as the level of confidentiality when dealing with medical marijuana patients. In the state of Massachusetts, individuals with an interest in the cannabis industry must complete at least eight hours at the Cannabis Training University. Other states are catching on too.

Getting the Best

If the marijuana dispensary owner wants the best from the cannabis worker, then training should be encouraged. With proper training of employees, the dispensary owner will benefit with increased sales, more productivity and fewer penalties.


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Another benefit of getting the right education at Cannabis Training University is excellent risk management. An employee who is meticulously trained will know the laws in the cannabis industry. This will more than likely reduce penalties.

The Employees

With training, employees will be more knowledgeable and for that reason will be able to offer the best customer service to medical cannabis patients and other customers, subsequently increasing profits. A dispensary owner will have a higher retention rate, if employees are trained and knowledgeable as long as the employees are treated fairly and with respect. When employees are more knowledgeable, it leads to the potential of increased sales.

Higher Profits

It is just good business for employees to be educated and trained at the Cannabis Training University. It makes good business sense since marijuana dispensaries invest as much as fifteen hundred dollars each year for each employee to train in the cannabis industry. With this amount of training, the company will have a higher margin of profit.

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Budtender and Receptionist

If both a receptionist and budtender receive training, it will certainly help the company and the employee alike. A budtender with knowledge regarding cannabis strains, it will be easier to entice the customer to buy the right cannabis strains. A budtender also must have knowledge concerning the metabolic process of marijuana, which includes cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. A receptionist also must know the laws in the state regarding cannabis. Both positions need customer service skills.

Cannabis Training University is a great way to get a formal education in medical and recreational cannabis. If you think it is time to get the knowledge necessary to compete in the cannabis industry, enroll at the Cannabis Training University today.