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Your education in the field of medical marijuana is only as valuable as the source of the information you are taught. It is no different from any other discipline. A specialized education from individuals who have decades of experience and knowledge will serve you better than learning from someone who has no first-hand experience.

Also important to consider is the range of specialists offering your training. Combining the skills of experts in all aspects of the field provides a vastly richer education than learning from a school with a single professor.

In the field of marijuana, it is important to understand multiple areas thoroughly, and finding a school with a program built through the teaching of horticulturists, doctors, lawyers, budtenders, certified chefs, as well as others.

Comprehensive Marijuana Education

Because the marijuana industry is on the verge of exploding across the nation, the need for those with the very best education will be highly sought after.

At Cannabis Training University, we are the world leader in cannabis education, and our program was developed by renowned experts each with their own specialized focus areas to deliver the very best marijuana training available today.

We want to share a bit more with you about the marijuana industry leaders who are faculty, staff, and contributors here at Cannabis Training University.

Education from Top Experts

Our comprehensive Master Certificate Program provides you with everything you need to help you prepare for, find, and thrive in a rewarding and lucrative cannabis career.

Our faculty and contributors are the top experts in the marijuana industry, in fact, they have the most combined experience in the cannabis industry in all of North America.

We carefully selected instructors who offer the highest level of knowledge, and who have the skill needed to teach it successfully. The curriculum is a complete working knowledge of everything needed to succeed from growing to distribution and every step in between.

You simply cannot find a more respected group of marijuana professionals sharing their expertise and combining their skill sets. Some of the most successful cannabis business owners who also operate their own dispensaries and cannabis businesses are also a vital part of our team.

The Guru of Ganja: Master Grower Ed Rosenthal

For over two decades, CTU Master Grower Ed Rosenthal has written and sold millions of books covering how to grow cannabis across the globe. He is the leading author and teacher in the field and is considered one of the premier experts on cannabis anywhere in the world.

In fact, famed marijuana advocate Tommy Chong states “Ed Rosenthal holds the distinction of turning more people onto pot than Cheech and Chong.” As a student of Cannabis Training University, Ed provides you with his latest book, “The Marijuana Growers Guide”.


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The book is the official textbook of Cannabis Training University and consists of over 600 pages of cutting-edge marijuana cultivation information. Ed is just one example of the level of quality our instructors offer.

Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Zorn

It was through Jeffrey Zorn’s vision that CTU was born and continues to thrive. With his team, Jeffrey travels across the globe to attend cannabis events, discover and film the most cutting-edge advancements and techniques, and uphold the mission and operation of Cannabis Training University. Jeffrey is a passionate advocate for cannabis legalization.

If you are considering a career, or simply have an interest in cannabis education, you have found the premier school to help you achieve your goals. We invite you to meet the rest of our team, learn more about what we offer, and take the next step by enrolling in the program. The time has never been better to position yourself as a well-trained and capable asset in the marijuana industry.

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Why Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is the leading online marijuana school in the world and offers cutting-edge marijuana training across the globe. Our classes are fully legal and available to anyone, regardless of your area's marijuana laws.

We are proudly accredited by IACET.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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The leading members of the cannabis community offer students comprehensive medical marijuana education and provide the most combined experience in the medical marijuana industry in North America.

We've trained thousands of individuals in over 40 countries, providing our graduates with a Master's Certificate and the knowledge needed to grow successfully medical marijuana and find employment within the industry.

Our complete curriculum can be taken when it is convenient for you, and our model allows us to provide that curriculum at an affordable rate. Learn more about CTU and the education we provide, contact us with your questions, or enroll today!

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