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Can you believe  Cannabis Training University is one of the fastest growing Youtube channels?

What do you get when you provide the best cannabis training, at the best value, to students all around the country – and you offer it 100% online?

At CTU, we’ve been offering the best professional cannabis training for years across a variety of channels. In that time, we’ve reached over 30,000 subscribers with hundreds of videos offering top-tier cannabis training information. As a result, we’ve recently been ranked by Feedspot as one of the Top 25 Cannabis Youtube Channels on the web!

Selected by a panel of experts at Feedspot as a top choice among the thousands of cannabis-oriented channels on Youtube, Cannabis Training University has now been officially recognized among the best of the best video producers reaching fans on the web today.

Offering Excellent Cannabis Training, One Video At A Time

Since 2009 CTU has been posting high-quality training information on how to grow cannabis, how to open a cannabis business, how to perfectly execute everything from extractions to cannabis baking to smoking methods and reviews of top cannabis recipes and products.

Our most popular videos have earned upwards of 500,000 views, and include some of the most useful information regarding cannabis including:

Secrets to making the perfect weed butter

YouTube is popular video service developed by Google
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    Cannabis Training University's Youtube channel now has 4 million views and counting!

    CTU has long been known as one of the top resources for those looking to get started with their cannabis career. With this recognition of our Youtube channel by Feedspot, we’re proud to add one more badge to our growing reputation as a prime source of professional cannabis training.

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