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Did you know there is an online Hawaii cannabis college? Hawaii’s stunning landscapes of canyons, lava fields, snow-capped mountains, and pristine beaches make the perfect backdrop for cannabis use, cultivation, and education.

Hawaii is a ridge of eight major islands that’s over 1,500 miles long. The scenic beauty is isolated and thousands of miles from the continental U.S., which makes cannabis education hard to come by. Enrolling in an online Hawaiin cannabis college can help you brush up on cannabis growing, cooking, extraction, laws, and employment.

If you want to enjoy the unparalleled and remote beaches while gaining industry insight into the most important cannabis topics, you should consider enrolling in Cannabis Training University’s exhaustive and reasonably priced certification program.

Whether you want to learn to grow in Hawaii’s tropically warm weather or start a cannabis business, an online-based Hawaii cannabis college option may be right for you.

Hawaii Cannabis College Courses

It can be tempting to avoid investing in cannabis education in favor of doing the research yourself. Unfortunately, YouTube videos and online resources can offer misleading or incorrect information. At the very least, researching topics without expert guidance can be time-consuming.

A digital cannabis college can be easily accessed from Hawaii or anywhere else in the world with a strong Wi-Fi signal. That means you can learn on your cell phone at a coffee shop or on your laptop while sitting on your sunny patio.

Growing Cannabis in Hawaii

The Master of Marijuana Certification program features seven comprehensive courses intended to teach you everything from using marijuana as medicine to becoming a budtender. Hopeful cannabis growers can take advantage of Cannabis Training University’s “How to Grow Marijuana” cannabis video course.

Hawaii’s sub-tropical climate makes it a great place to grow cannabis any time of year. As a Hawaii medical patient, you can grow up to ten plants on your property. In order to reap the best marijuana yield, enroll in a Hawaii cannabis college to get e-book guides on beginner to advanced subject matter including:

  • Advanced, Indoor Cannabis Cultivation
  • 30 Must-Haves for Any Indoor Marijuana Grower
  • How to Grow Marijuana: The Easiest Step-By-Step Guide Ever Made
  • Top 10 Common Mistakes of New Cannabis Growers
  • Advanced pH Level Testing Methods
  • Nutrients and Cannabis Growing
  • How to Breed Cannabis
  • How to Clone Cannabis
  • Happy, Healthy Cannabis Plants! Pests, Diseases & Nutrient Disorders Guide

Marijuana Laws & Regulations

Recreational marijuana use isn’t allowed in Hawaii, but the state does have medical marijuana laws that were approved by Governor David Ige in 2015. Since then, medical cannabis regulations have been trudging along. If you want to participate in Hawaii’s cannabis market or anywhere else, it’s imperative to know the updated laws inside and out. Cannabis Training University’s Hawaii cannabis college option lets you stay up-to-date with Hawaii’s medical cannabis laws as soon as they’re announced.

Signing up for the Master of Marijuana Certification program gives you full access to multiple courses including one multi-lesson course on “Medical Marijuana Laws & Regulations.” James Clark, Esq, an expert marijuana defense attorney, teaches you the most recent laws in Hawaii and other states with medical or recreational cannabis programs. Whether you’re a patient or business owner in Hawaii, you can benefit from access to a multitude of e-books on:


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  • Hawaii Cannabis Laws
  • How to Become a Cannabis Patient in Hawaii
  • How to Become a Caregiver in Hawaii

One Year of Access for a Low Price

On-site cannabis college courses aren’t available in most states, including Hawaii. The next best option would be enrolling in a cannabis-centric certification course that is recognized by leading organizations in the industry. For less than $400, you can get over 200 videos and more than 5500 pages of cannabis e-books to learn at your own pace. Enrollment gives you access to the course for a year. You’ll get frequent updates on the latest happenings in marijuana law, medicine, and other perks like:

  • CTU medical marijuana certificate of completion
  • Downloadable e-books and reference guides so you can read them well after your cannabis certification access has expired.
  • Sharing courses with friends and family (only one certificate per enrollment)
  • Closed caption subtitles
  • A full year of access to your courses
  • Unlimited exam attempts
  • Over 200 cannabis videos
  • The most information from any marijuana school

Cannabis Job Seekers

Hawaii only has a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries open (eight to be exact). If you’re looking for a highly coveted budtender position in Hawaii, you might be facing stiff competition. Sign up for a Hawaii cannabis college that covers your state’s laws and gives you tips to stand out to marijuana business owners. CTU’s training program features a 6-lesson course on how to get a job as a budtender.

You’ll understand the roles and responsibilities of the job as well as gain insight into customer service techniques and information about marijuana that will help you land the job and keep it.

If you have your sights set on building out your own cannabis business in Hawaii, our Master of Marijuana Certificate program teaches you how to open a dispensary. The program also teaches you how to start a delivery service, although you’ll have to do that elsewhere because Hawaii doesn’t allow cannabis home delivery. The multi-lesson course will teach you important lessons such as:

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your Hawaiian abode to join a reputable and affordable Hawaii cannabis college. Cannabis Training University’s online platform is accessible to everyone around the world. Learn everything about growing cannabis in Hawaii to cannabis-related job opportunities in Hawaii. Enroll now to take advantage of Cannabis Training University’s comprehensive course offerings.

Hawaii Marijuana School

Looking to get trained online at the Hawaii cannabis college? Want to start a Hawaii cannabis business? Looking for a Hawaii marijuana job? Learn all aspects of the Hawaii cannabis industry including Hawaii cannabis laws and regulations. Learn how to start a Hawaii marijuana business. Enroll today at the Hawaii cannabis school, Cannabis Training University.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Enroll today at the leading cannabis college in Hawaii and worldwide.

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