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Do you want to embark on a career in the cannabis industry? You can do so by signing up as a new student at the Hawaii Cannabis University recently opened by the Cannabis Training University (CTU). The courses offered at CTU are not difficult. You can finish up and become certified in less than six months. It all depends on the pace at which you learn and your determination, consistency, preparation and ability to learn on your own. Enrolling in the Hawaii Cannabis University will provide a way for you to enter the cannabis industry with the knowledge and skill you need to land a cannabis job and succeed at it, even with little or no experience.

The Courses in Hawaii                                      

As a student of the Hawaii Cannabis University on behalf of the Cannabis Training University, you will be privy to all the instructors. You can express your concerns and ask questions of the instructors, if you are unsure about anything in the course. CTU has very knowledgeable instructors, some of whom have been in the industry for years. So, you can acquire a wealth of information from the pertinent questions that you ask about the course.

Each course is designed to help the novice to start with the basics and go on to learn more complex issues related to the marijuana legislation in each state. The courses are not intense, but packed with the right information necessary to work in the cannabis industry. At the end of each course, students must do the quiz and must pass it before continuing to the next course. Once all courses and quizzes have been completed, then it is time to take the final exam, which must be passed with a grade of 80% or more.

Marijuana Certification

When Chavel Moncrieff finished her courses and took the final exam, she did not pass it right away. She had to take it three times before passing, but some students pass it on the first try. Chavel had this to say, “I love to go at a slow pace when I am taking a course. I don't mind failing the quizzes and exams on the first try because it lets me know where I went wrong and I am able to make the necessary changes to correct things. In other words, failing once or twice doesn't mean that I am a failure. Hawaii Cannabis University makes it easy for students like me to be successful in the end by offering more than once chances to succeed.” You can be like Chavel, but you only get the first chance if you sign up or enroll in the cannabis university at CTU.

Additional Information

When you do enroll to take courses at this reputable Hawaii Cannabis University, you get to learn so many things about the cannabis industry. For one, you will learn things like:


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  • Curing weed
  • Making cannabis products
  • Listing the qualifying medical conditions for each state
  • Becoming a bud trimmer or budtender
  • The various jobs that are available in the cannabis industry
  • Steps to applying for a cannabis job
  • The value of marijuana to the health
  • States where marijuana is legal

Hawaii Cannabis University has provided so many students with a chance to excel. If you want to obtain a marijuana job and be above the competition, then it would be to your advantage to enroll for marijuana courses at the Cannabis Training University. You owe it to yourself to make changes to a career that isn't going anywhere. Enroll at CTU today and begin your new future!

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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