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In the state of Illinois, marijuana is considered criminal, if you cultivate, sell, traffic or possess it.  It is considered a dangerous drug by the state and federal governments. However, the cannabis laws are more lax than the laws that criminalize heroin, cocaine and other hardcore drugs that typically equate to strict felony penalties. For example, if you possess less than 2.5 grams of marijuana in the state of Illinois, you will be charged for a misdemeanor. That carries a punishment of a small fine.

The state of Illinois permits eligible medical marijuana patients to use medical cannabis for their chronic illnesses. This is a pilot program that was initiated recently and is said to go through next year (2018). It is important to note that cannabis laws will continue to rapidly change as more states come on board. To keep abreast of the laws that govern marijuana sale, possession, use, and cultivation, Illinois Cannabis College is offering courses to learn more. Enrollment is now open to attend the Illinois Cannabis College in collaboration with the Cannabis University.

The Program

Enrolling in an online program will inform and educate you on all things related to marijuana, the industry and its progression. You will learn which states have decriminalized marijuana and which ones have already made it legal. You will also learn about how to make cannabis products, how to qualify for a medical marijuana card, how to pen a medical marijuana dispensary, laws governing recreational weed, how to cure and trim weed; all about marijuana strains and how each benefits a specific illness.

At CTU and the Illinois Cannabis College, you will have access to all this information in comprehensive courses that are easy to follow along. If, at anytime, you don't understand a certain topic, you have quick and easy access to knowledgeable instructors. They will respond to you quickly and effectively. With all that you will learn, it will allow you to work as a budtender or sales manager in a local marijuana dispensary.

The Industry

It is obvious that the cannabis industry is growing quite fast. For that reason, there will be tons of jobs created as a result. This means that in order to be competitive as a candidate for employment, you have to know enough about the cannabis industry and all that it does for the communities to which it serves.


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If you are interested in the cannabis industry and want to change your career or start a 420 career, then it is incumbent upon you to enroll in the Illinois Cannabis College. You can be on your way to completing the successful online program. You then can land a marijuana job that will help you to stake a claim in the industry. Even though, Illinois is not yet legally able to accommodate marijuana jobs on a major scale, you can relocate to Colorado and land a marijuana job in one of their cannabis dispensaries.

The Courses

Taking the comprehensive courses at Illinois Cannabis College requires no prerequisites. This means that you don't need to have a degree. Everyone is accepted into this online program offered by the Cannabis Training University. The courses will teach you:

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  • How to grow marijuana at home and in a hydroponic operation
  • What kind of chronic illnesses qualify for medical marijuana?
  • How to trim marijuana buds
  • What are the benefits of marijuana?
  • How to make marijuana products
  • How to cook with cannabis
  • How to start a cannabis business
  • What are the different marijuana strains?
  • And so much more

Visit the Cannabis Training University now to begin enrolling for your future.

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