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In Indiana, you can enroll to be a budtender, bud trimmer or any other worker in the cannabis industry. Enrollment is now open at the Indiana Cannabis University.

Become a student today and you will get to advance or change your career to one that is more rewarding and successful. Don't shortchange yourself. You owe it to yourself to have a successful future and the cannabis industry is showing immense profitability for you to do so.

The Cannabis Positions

Many positions are being opened for new employees, but before you get a job in the cannabis industry, you have to get the proper training for the skills, expertise and knowledge necessary to be most efficient. There are so many people who are choosing alternative medicine and that is why medical marijuana is becoming so popular and more states are making it legal to residents and visitors.

You have to line up yourself to be a part of this big piece of pie or you will be left behind. The Cannabis Training University has opened its doors to people living in the state of Indiana and all over the world. If you are not interested and want to be left behind, then the next best thing is to tell someone close to you about this incredible opportunity. The courses are not difficult and you can graduate in less than six months at your choosing.

House Bill 1039

The proposed House Bill 1039 in Indiana is a great bill that will hopefully pass there soon. Here is the summary of House Bill 1039:

Cannabis is used for both adult and medical purposes. After marijuana is delisted from the federal schedule I list of banned substances, it can be used by those who are at least 21 years old and have serious medical conditions as determined by their doctor. establishes an excise tax on adult-use cannabis and mandates that retailers submit the levy to the state department of revenue for deposit into the state general budget.

Veterans are exempt from paying sales tax on cannabis used for medical or recreational purposes. creates a cannabis program to allow individuals with a valid permission to cultivate, process, test, transport, and sell cannabis.

Creates the Indiana Cannabis Commission (ICC) as a state agency to manage, carry out, and police the program. It also creates the ICC advisory committee to assess the program's efficacy. permits holders to take actions to stop cannabis from being diverted to unauthorized parties. establishes requirements for the correct labeling, packaging, and testing of cannabis and cannabis-related products before they are made available for purchase. prohibits the packaging of cannabis in a way that might appeal to kids.

Approving cannabis research in compliance with ICC regulations. creates a process for the expungement of a cannabis-related conviction should the offense that led to it become lawful. introduces conforming changes

The Cannabis Courses in Indiana                                     

Take all eight courses at the Indiana Cannabis University and graduate with a marijuana certificate. With this certification added to your resume, you can expect to be taken seriously by more employers in the cannabis business.

The employers will see that you are more prepared than other job candidates who may not have taken the extra step to get training offered by CTU, an accredited cannabis school!

The marijuana courses offered at the Cannabis Training University are quite interactive. You will get to watch videos with instructors giving an in-depth explanation on various topics such as:

  • Making edibles and other products such as hash oil and tinctures
  • The marijuana laws in each state
  • Growing weed indoors and outdoors
  • The various cannabis strains and where they were originated from
  • Which state has legalized recreational pot
  • Marijuana legalization in countries such as Amsterdam and Canada
  • Which cannabis jobs are more lucrative
  • How to apply for a cannabis job
  • How to obtain a medical marijuana card
  • The illnesses that qualify patients for a medical marijuana card
  • How to open a cannabis business
  • How to cook with cannabis
  • How to start an edible cannabis business
  • How to run a medical marijuana clinic

Students also have access to electronic books with more details on the marijuana plant, the industry and the various strains along with other pertinent information.

Indiana Cannabis Laws and Jobs

Indiana's cannabis laws remain stringent and narrowly focused as of 2023. State law continues to prohibit the possession, sale, and use of marijuana, with the exception of some limited medical uses.

Medical marijuana: A law permitting the administration of low-THC cannabidiol (CBD) oil to treat uncontrollable epilepsy was approved in Indiana in 2017.

A fatal illness with a life expectancy of less than six months, severe types of arthritis, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease are now covered by the state's medical marijuana program as of 2021. The program is still restricted and only permits the use of marijuana products that cannot be smoked, like oils and edibles.

There has been no progress in Indiana in decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Marijuana possession, whatever of quantity, is still illegal and punishable by fines and jail time.


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Recreational Use: It is still illegal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in Indiana, where it is not permitted. Fines and jail time may be imposed for having marijuana in your possession for personal use in any quantity.

Except for registered medical marijuana providers working under the state's restricted scheme, marijuana cultivation and distribution are still prohibited in Indiana. Marijuana growing and distribution without a license can incur steep fines and jail time.

In conclusion, Indiana's cannabis laws will still be stringent and limited in 2023. Only a small number of qualifying ailments can be treated with medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana use, possession, and sale are still banned.

But this does not mean you can't start a cannabis business in Indiana.

There are numerous opportunities to work in the cannabis business without working directly with cannabis plants. The marijuana industry needs the same jobs filled as other industries such as:





-Web Design

-Blog Writing


There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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-Credit card processing

And many more! Don't let restrictive and out dated cannabis laws stop you from pursuing a cannabis career!

The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has seen immense growth and so it will do you well to sign up as a student at the Indiana Cannabis University in collaboration with CTU.

Yvonne Edwards has been a student now for six months and had this to say, “I graduated recent from CTU and I must say that I have been truly empowered. I never knew that the cannabis industry was so huge and even though, I smoked weed legally, I was surprised that I did not know as much as I thought about the various marijuana strains or even the marijuana plant itself. I certainly learned a lot and I am the better for it. Thankfully I am in the process of applying for a marijuana job and it looks promising. Thank you to the staff at CTU.”

We invite you to enroll in the cannabis program offered at the Indiana Cannabis University and let the experts at CTU help you to become certified. Visit the Cannabis Training University to enroll and start your cannabis education today.

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