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Are you searching for the most affordable online cannabis industry training? Do you want to learn more about the booming cannabis industry in Iowa and around the world? This is your chance to do it all. Iowa Cannabis College will help you gain the skill set you need to have a successful career or business in cannabis.

About Iowa Cannabis College

Iowa Cannabis College is more than just an online school; we are a community of like-minded individuals passionate about changing the world through affordable cannabis education. We work hard to provide quality educational content that helps our students prepare for careers or businesses in cannabis.

We believe education is the key to success, and we strive to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. Our faculty have years of experience working in the cannabis industry and are passionate about sharing everything they know about growing and harvesting cannabis, cooking with weed, extracting concentrates, and more.

Iowa cannabis college

About the Master of Cannabis Program

Iowa Cannabis College is a cannabis industry training school that offers affordable and practical industry training. Our Master of Cannabis program is accessible online for a reasonable price so you can earn your certification anywhere in the world.

Our affordable program is designed for students who want to enter the cannabis industry with a solid foundation and practical skills. We’re committed to helping people like you break into this fast-growing industry.

Courses in the Master of Cannabis Program

The Master of Cannabis program offers the following classes:

Cannabis Basics

This class is designed for anyone who wants a general overview of cannabis. It covers everything from its history to different cannabis products, giving you a solid foundation of how we got to the modern cannabis industry.

Cannabis as Medicine

Our class is designed for all levels of experience, including those looking to become medical professionals or wanting to learn more about medical cannabis as a patient. Learn how to obtain a medical card in your state, province, or territory and use different products for your condition.

Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation

Learn the basics of setting up an indoor or outdoor garden. Students will learn how to manage their plants from seedling through harvest and maximize yields by properly managing plant growth cycles. Our class is designed for new and seasoned gardeners alike.

How to Grow Cannabis

Although it’s illegal to grow cannabis at home in Iowa, it’s essential to learn every aspect of growing cannabis indoors and outdoors, including growing in soil and hydroponics, and advanced techniques for growing cannabis, including plant training, cloning, and breeding.

Cannabis Cooking and Extraction Methods

Our cannabis cooking classes will teach you how to make delicious edibles, topicals, tinctures, and more with cannabis flower or extracts. Our extraction content shows you how to safely use solvents to make extracts or make them with a solventless option.

Cannabis Careers

Our class breaks down the government requirements for cannabis workers across all U.S. and Canadian states, provinces, and territories. We also show you how to create a resume and cover letter showing your skills and experience. Iowa’s cannabis job market may be limited compared to other states, but the industry is growing rapidly and there are many cannabis jobs that need to be filled.

You can also work remotely as a cannabis writer, customer service, marketing for the cannabis industry, content creation and so much more!

Cannabis Business

This class introduces you to the legal cannabis industry and how it works in Iowa. It also covers basic business skills needed to succeed in any business venture. Students learn how to create a business plan, manage finances, and market their products or services successfully.

Cannabis Laws and Regulations

Cannabis laws and regulations vary from state to state. It's important for anyone interested in pursuing a cannabis career or business to understand local and national laws, especially when it comes to getting a license or certification that allows you to work in a legal cannabis business.

Online and Flexible Cannabis Training

Our online courses are designed for busy people who want to learn at their own pace. They're also flexible enough that you can take them whenever it's convenient for you, whether that's during your lunch break or while traveling around the state. You get access to the curriculum for 12 weeks, more than enough time to complete your certification.

Industry-Renowned Cannabis Faculty

Our faculty consists of industry leaders who have worked directly with patients, dispensaries, growers, and manufacturers throughout their careers. They know what it takes to succeed in this business because they've been there themselves.

E-books by Ed Rosenthal

We provide access to the industry’s most renowned books written by Ed Rosenthal, a pioneer in the cannabis industry. Ed Rosenthal’s books span cultivation, cooking, extraction, and using cannabis as medicine. Go beyond the required content with these e-books.

Downloadable Cannabis Resources

We know how important it is to retain information in the long haul. That’s why we provide over 100 downloadable resources covering every major aspect of the industry. These resources can be referenced later when you have a gardening issue or are starting your own grow, for example.

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Earn the Most Recognized Industry Cannabis Credentials

Once you’ve completed all the knowledge checks (quizzes) for each class, you can take the final Master of Cannabis certification exam. You can download and print the certificate upon passing and include it in your resume and cover letter to stand out among other applicants.

Start Your Journey at Iowa Cannabis College Today!

If you're interested in turning your passion for cannabis into a career, you should look into the Iowa Cannabis College. Our online courses can help you land a well-paying job in the growing cannabis industry or start your own business. Enroll in Iowa Cannabis College today! Get started at the only IACET internationally accredited cannabis school today!

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