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Marijuana is a hot-button topic for states across the nation. We are seeing a trend towards legalization of the plant, and many states already have marijuana legislation on the books. It appears that we are on the verge of nationwide legalization, at least in some form. Due to this trend, the industry will soon be in need of qualified individuals to meet the public demand.

However, growing and having possession of Marijuana is still illegal in many states. Furthermore, the states who have moved towards legalization of medical and recreational marijuana each has their own statutes regarding the quantity and purpose of marijuana possession. Thankfully Cannabis Training University is legal for anyone to take!

A Common Question: Is CTU Legal Worldwide?

Often, Cannabis Training University is directly asked if enrolling in our program is legal.

However, there are those who feel there is a catch, or that we are not telling the entire story. The simple fact is that the training provided by Cannabis Training University is absolutely and entirely legal in all 50 states and countries across the globe. Period. There are no catches, no loopholes, and no legal recourse whatsoever. Anyone in any state can freely enroll and complete the program and should be assured that what they are accomplishing is 100% legal.

CTU’s Programs are 100% Legal

CTU is dedicated to providing the highest quality marijuana education available. We’ve made completely sure that what we offer has no legal ramifications and is totally safe for our students in any state, regardless of the marijuana law in that individual’s area.

If you are in an area that medical or recreational marijuana is illegal, you can still prepare yourself for a rewarding and lucrative career in the marijuana industry. You may not yet be able to practice your craft, or find a marijuana job in your state.

However, if you are willing to travel for such a career, if you expect your state to legalize marijuana soon, or if you are simply interested in obtaining an extensive education for your personal pleasure, you can do so without legal concerns. The bottom line is this: CTU and its program are 100% legal; without question.

We've trained thousands of individuals in over 20 countries, providing our graduates with cannabis certifications and the knowledge needed to grow successfully medical marijuana and find employment within the industry.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Our complete curriculum can be taken when it is convenient for you, and our model allows us to provide that curriculum at an affordable rate. CTU is the leading cannabis training destination. Learn all the thc university information you need at Cannabis Training University. Learn more about CTU and the education we provide, contact us with your questions, or enroll today!

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