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A cannabis college is open in Kansas for anyone with the intention of pursuing a marijuana career. Enrollment is taking place right now at the Cannabis Training University. It is the first marijuana training school that has taken the nation by storm. If you are going to seek a job in the marijuana industry, you improve your chances by choosing to go to a cannabis college where you will learn the laws associated with marijuana as well as other topics to prepare you for the industry.

The state of Kansas views marijuana as a dangerous and controlled substance, the same way that the federal government does. Unlike states like Washington and Colorado, it has not legalized marijuana yet for medical purposes. There was a compassionate bill that was introduced in 2014 in Kansas, but it died really quickly when it reached to the senate committee.

However, future marijuana reform is still a possibility with the advancement of medical marijuana as a means of treatment for chronically ill patients. If you possess weed in Kansas and are caught by law enforcement, the law calls that a misdemeanor. It comes with a penalty of roughly one year in the local jail and a possible $2,500 fine. The law has more severe penalties, depending on the amount of weed you are found with. If you want to know more about the laws in Kansas as it relates to marijuana, it would be ideal to enroll or register at the Kansas Cannabis College.

Kansas Laws

Every state has its own cannabis laws. Both Idaho and Kansas laws lack the acknowledgement that other states give to the medicinal benefits of marijuana. There are several legislations introduced to create comprehensive medical marijuana programs. Other bills were also introduced to provide more restricted protection for cannabis patients who are using cannabis products with low THC levels. However, all those bills never made it to being approved. Lawmakers need to catch up with their voters as 68% of resents in Kansas support medical marijuana access for ill patients.

Results of the 2016 Session

The HB 2462 Bill was enacted and effective on July 1, 2016. The bill reduced the number of penalties that a first time offender would face if caught with certain amounts of weed. The penalty was reduced from a year to only six months spent in jail. If the offender had a second offense of the same kind, the penalty was reduced from being a felony to being only a misdemeanor with up to a year in jail. The changes to the bill do not affect the penalty in place for the growth and cultivation of marijuana. That would be a different crime according to Kansas law. These are some of the things that you would learn at the cannabis college in Kansas.

The Cannabis Training University does extensive research on the governing laws for Kansas and other states within the United States. The instructors teach students how to compare laws and get an understanding of the differences. Tom, a student in the ‘Cannabis Laws and Regulation' class had this to say, “I thought I would be overwhelmed at first with the many laws governing the marijuana industry, but the instructor made it so easy and informative. The videos were very hands-on and I was able to be more informed. If there was something I did not understand, I would send an email and get a quick reply back.”

Kansas Residents

The Cannabis Training University has opened up a way for Kansas residents to get a chance to learn more about weed and its benefits. At the Kansas Cannabis College, you will also learn more stuff such as the laws governing weed, the qualifying medical conditions for weed, how to get a medical cannabis card for participation, how to open up a marijuana dispensary and how to become a budtender at a marijuana dispensary. Each of the six courses have enough information to help students to be educated in a wide range of topics. The courses were created to make it easier for individuals from all educational background to participate.


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About CTU

Like Tom, other students will be able to learn at their own pace so they don't have to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the details of marijuana laws. CTU has made it easy for students to participate and be prepared for the final exam. This cannabis college is affordable and equipped with the tools you would need to successfully complete your courses. Opened in 2009, CTU has created specialized courses with the highest quality content and videos that are not only enlightening, but educational.

The Online Program

Students who might be interested in this program will be at an advantage since all courses are offered online. What does this mean? It means that you don't have to step outside of your house to attend classes. It is convenient and flexible because you work at your own pace. All you need is a laptop or computer and access to the internet. The program cost is under $300 and you get immediate access to the online portal as soon as you pay the minimal fee and select your username and password.

Once you take the first course, you will notice how it introduces you to the basics. There will be a quiz at the end of each course. You must pass each course prior to advancing to the next. So, you would call this program one that is progressive and also interactive. You can choose your own time and schedule to complete these courses. Once you finish the last quiz, you will be allowed then to take the final exam, which requires a passing grade of 80% or more. After this, you will receive a marijuana certificate.

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The Courses

The cannabis courses at CTU are easy to follow along. Students are able to learn so many things about the cannabis industry. This cannabis college allows students to pace themselves through each course by taking one class at a time and moving on to the next only when ready. Once one course has been completed, students are led right into the next course, stopping as wished and continue when ready. Your certificate will take you a long way as long as you list it on your resume. To enroll at the Kansas cannabis college, go to the Cannabis Training University right now!

The Potential Employers

With marijuana certification from Kansas Cannabis College, you will now have what you need to start a rewarding and fulfilling cannabis career, possible in Colorado or one of the states that have already legalized weed. You could land a job as a budtender or a manager of a marijuana dispensary. There are many more employment options in the cannabis industry, which you will be qualified to have. Reach out to various companies and submit your resume. Potential employers are looking for workers with the appropriate knowledge, training, expertise and experience. Put yourself in the running so that employers can recognize you as a viable candidate that graduated from the Kansas Cannabis College. It is time to take action for your future. Enroll in a cannabis college that caters to the success of the student. Go to the Cannabis Training University now to complete the enrollment form.

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