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The residents of Louisiana have the opportunity now to enroll in the Louisiana Marijuana College through the Cannabis Training University. It is about time that residents get with the program since the state has legalized marijuana and has had many job opportunities opened for the public. With the appropriate training, Louisiana residents can now apply for jobs in the cannabis industry. With that being said, enrollment is now open to all who are interested in acquiring the skills and expertise that can be obtained from the Cannabis Training University. Enrolling in the courses offered by CTU is easy and simple. All you do is to complete a short online form, which can be done in minutes.

The Courses in Louisiana                                

So, what kinds of courses are offered at this Louisiana Marijuana College? The courses are all comprehensive, but hands-on and quite interactive. The students that take these courses find them to be informative as they cover most of everything in the cannabis industry. They start with the basics and then go on to more complex topics, which are mandatory. However, the courses are well written and some of them are taught through videos by knowledgeable instructors.

One graduate, Paula Mair had this to say about the courses, “I took the course in July of last year and found that it was well worth the small cost. The instructors were very helpful and I was able to learn more than even what is offered since I would bug the instructors a lot to pick their brains. I graduated in four months as I wanted to apply for a cannabis job in my area and I felt that the competition was stiff so I needed to have more on my resume to show. Earning a marijuana certificate at the end of the program was so great and I got a job in three weeks after graduating. I am glad that I went to this Louisiana Marijuana College.”

Obtaining Certification

You can get certified at this Louisiana Marijuana College, but only if you take action right now. Certification depends on the time you take to finish up each course. It also depends on how you learn. Some people learn at an accelerated pace while others are slower learners. It doesn't matter that much though since you go at your pace and you can still finish up within six months. Marijuana certification is necessary, if you want to compete in the cannabis industry and be successful. You will become a skilled employee, if you take the time to enroll in the Cannabis Training University. Once you pass that final examination after taking and passing each course, you will become certified.


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Additional Information

The Louisiana Marijuana College is operated and ran by the Cannabis Training University. Louisiana residents can take advantage of this opportunity. Other people across the globe also have an opportunity to take the courses offered by CTU. Some of the topics in the course include:

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • Cloning a marijuana strain
  • Creating edibles and other cannabis products
  • Getting a medical cannabis card
  • Applying for a marijuana job
  • Qualifying medical conditions
  • Marijuana laws
  • Benefits of cannabis
  • Running a medical cannabis dispensary

Louisiana Marijuana College is helping students to reach their potential, securing a career in the marijuana industry and being successful at it. If you want to become a student and get your career going, it is recommended that you visit the Cannabis Training University today to find out more and to enroll in the courses.