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Enroll in the Maine Cannabis University today and start your career in the cannabis industry in less than six months, depending on your pace and your course activity! Many students are enrolling as we speak and you can too. Yes, the Cannabis Training University is currently in an enrollment phase, signing up students to take courses that will help them to start a cannabis career in various fields. Going to CTU is easy. All it needs to get started is access to the Internet from anywhere in the world. You can take classes at a computer lab or if you have your own laptop, you can use the DSL modem at home and log onto the CTU site to have immediate access to the courses. Each course was handpicked to cover a wide range of essential topics to prepare students for the industry.

The Courses in Maine                                       

Most of the students that attend Maine Cannabis University (CTU) have found it to be more convenient, flexible and affordable in comparison to the physical classroom where commute is necessary. The courses in general start with the basics and then move on to more complex topics in the cannabis industry, all of which are important to completing all of the courses. Once you register or enroll in the class, you are offered six courses altogether, all of which have to be completed consecutively. All courses come with either a video and ebook or both. Students use the course material to aid in completing the courses.

After finishing up a course, you will be given a quiz to do. If you fail the quiz, you have to go over the course again and redo the quiz. You can take a quiz as many times as needed to pass it and move on to the next course. However, until you pass the quiz, you will be unable to move on. As you are going through each course, you should ask for help from knowledgeable instructors who are always willing to assist.

Obtaining Certification

Obtaining certification is only six courses away. Go through all six courses and quizzes and pass them all and you will be asked to complete a final exam. To pass the exam, you must get a score of 80% or more. Once you meet these criteria, you will obtain a marijuana certification which you can print right from your computer. With certification, you can go out and apply for any cannabis job within the industry.


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Additional Information

This Maine Cannabis University operated by CTU is open to anyone, not just people from Maine and its surrounding areas, but across the world. This makes it more accessible for students to sign up and learn the specifics of the cannabis industry such as:

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • How weed is cured
  • How to make edibles and other cannabis products
  • What are the qualifying medical conditions in each state?
  • How the medical marijuana card works?
  • How to operate a marijuana dispensary business?
  • What are the essential benefits of marijuana?
  • How to become a budtender?
  • How to apply for a cannabis job?
  • What is the marijuana legislation in each state?

Maine Cannabis University is on a path of helping students from all over the world land a marijuana job in the growing cannabis industry. With certification from CTU, you will be more empowered and employers will be more impressed with you. For details of how to enroll in the cannabis courses, go to the Cannabis Training University. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Do it for your future.