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So you want to change your career or start your own business? And you want to get into the cannabis industry? Well, you can do all or one of those things, if you sign up to take marijuana business classes, if you live in Indiana or any other state across the United States.

Why would you need to take marijuana business classes in the first place, you might be thinking or asking? Well, if you want a piece of the pie as the marijuana industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds, then it is to your advantage and in your best interest to take those classes. This helps you get prepared for the huge growth that is going to take place in this industry. If you don't want to be left behind, then it is recommended that you sign up today. Even if you don't want to start a 420 career or open up a local medical marijuana dispensary, it would serve your interest to learn more about this complicated industry.

Changing Cannabis Laws

Every state in the United States is continuously changing their cannabis laws to either legalize or decriminalize weed. Sometimes, it is a challenge to keep track of the marijuana laws in every state, especially if you don't live in the state. And that is another reason to learn as much as you can so you don't get in trouble with the law. Taking marijuana business classes is the right decision, if you think it is better for you to keep abreast of the local laws as it relates to marijuana.

The Past

In the past, Indiana, which is named the “Hoosier State' kept the outlawing of weed quite simple. However, this could definitely change as some lawmakers are providing hints of what will happen when medical marijuana is fully legalized in the near future. While you wait for that time to come, let us look at some of these laws.

The Cannabis Laws

Unlike other states, Indiana has not yet expanded its marijuana laws for decriminalization. The laws governing marijuana in Indiana is still illegal, even if it is for medical purposes. Even if you have small amounts of weed in your possession, it is considered a crime. Possessing less than 30 grams will give you a misdemeanor charge. If you are a first time offender, you may be able to go into a drug diversion program, especially if you have no history of being a criminal. However, you still risk being put in jail or being heavily fined.


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To know all of this and more, you should enroll in marijuana business classes at the Cannabis Training University. In so doing, you will also learn about marijuana laws related to the sale of pot. So you know, selling pot is illegal in the state of Indiana and elsewhere in the United States.

Get Enrolled and Start Marijuana Businesses Classes in Indiana

By taking marijuana business classes, you will learn all of the details concerning the marijuana laws in every state. You will take all of the comprehensive courses necessary to help you to become certified and then start your marijuana dispensary business or land a job as a budtender, bud trimmer, sales personnel or manager.

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The programs at CTU are very detailed and in-depth. You can start right away. Learn more about how to enroll in the marijuana business classes by going to the Cannabis Training University right now.