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Would you like to start a rewarding career? Is your existing career doing anything to fulfill your goals? If not, then try the cannabis industry that has tons of job openings right now to be filled. As the industry continues to grow, more jobs are being created and you could be the next one hired. However, to get into the cannabis industry, you may need to get the necessary training so as to be more effective. It doesn't take a lot to enroll in the Montana Cannabis College, whether you live in Montana or anywhere else in the world. Why?

Well, the Cannabis Training University started offering this type of training since 2009 and as marijuana becomes legal in so many states, it is apparent that a new wave of jobs are opening up, giving more people a chance to start a new career. You don't want to be left behind and so it is time to take advantage of the open enrollment beginning at the Montana Cannabis College. Yes, you have to prepare yourself for what is about to take place in the cannabis industry because as employers seek qualified workers, you have to show that you are to be taken seriously and the only way to do so is to enroll as a student and finish the program to obtain certification.

The Courses in Montana                                  

Montana Cannabis College has collaborated with the Cannabis Training University or CTU to make training possible for students across the nation and in the world. You don't have to attend a physical classroom to become certified. The courses start out with basic information about the marijuana plant and the cannabis industry and then graduates to more complex details, which are explained in electronic book form and by interactive videos. Students are allowed to review the information as many times as it takes to understand the course. Instructors are also available to ask questions.

You are not on your own as Debbie Anglin will tell you. She graduated from the program within five months and this is what she had to say.

“I signed up to this online program because I wanted to change careers. I was just not happy with my existing job and wanted something more challenging and rewarding. The courses were very informative. Getting help from the instructors and the videos were quite helpful. It didn't take too long for me to get the gist of everything and I was able to go over everything once I came upon a roadblock. I got 90% on my final exam and I think that was a big deal. I ended up applying for a cannabis job in California and got the cannabis job over several candidates and I think my certification had a lot to do with it. Thanks to CTU.”


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Obtaining Certification

As Debbie Anglin indicated, certification is possible for anyone. There are a few easy steps that will help you succeed. One, you have to remain focused. Two, read the material over again for as many times as it takes to understand it. Three, ask for instructor help when necessary. And lastly, take and pass the quizzes and final exam. That is all it takes to receive marijuana certification from Montana Cannabis College and CTU.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Additional Information

At Montana Cannabis College, students will learn a lot about the cannabis industry and what is necessary to become an effective cannabis worker. The curriculum for this online program will consists of things such as how to become a budtender, the marijuana laws, cannabis strains, how to grow weed and much more. If you want to dive into the cannabis industry and get in on the ground floor, training is important. Your next step is to enroll in the online marijuana program right now at the Cannabis Training University.

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