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Cannabis fever has spread across most of the U.S. and is making waves worldwide. Nebraska Marijuana College is the industry-leading online training institute for students looking to land a rewarding and exciting career growing, processing, or selling cannabis.

Cannabis Is Illegal in Nebraska, But CBD Isn’t

Cannabis may be illegal in Nebraska, but you can still enroll in Nebraska Marijuana College to up your industry skills and knowledge. Our Master of Cannabis program takes you on a deep dive into the following topics:

  • Indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation: Learn the basics of cannabis cultivation and advanced growing techniques to maximize yield and trichome density. Becoming familiar with the production process can make you a better cannabis user.
  • Cooking and extracting cannabis extracts and edibles: If you live in a legal cannabis state, you can use our training to make your own cannabutter or cannabis cooking oil. We provide instructions on safely cooking with cannabis and dozens of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes!
  • Using cannabis as medicine: Learn how to safely and legally use cannabis as medicine. We cover the science of how cannabinoids work in the body. You can learn how to use legal CBD to relieve various symptoms and conditions without side effects.
  • Finding a cannabis career: Nebraska’s cannabis job market is limited, but our career class shows you other legal opportunities and how to create a resume and cover letter. Our content prepares you from the application period to the job interview.
  • Starting and running a cannabis business: There are many business opportunities in cannabis and ancillary services like law, marketing, security, insurance, and more. Our content shows you how to navigate the industry’s obstacles and successfully brand your product.

Even if you can’t do most of what you learn in our program in Nebraska, you can use these skills in a cannabis-friendly state, to open a CBD store in Nebraska, or when Nebraska legalizes cannabis for medical use.

Online Cannabis Training Made Easy

Our Master of Cannabis program is based online, with eight classes available on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our flexible training program lets you learn in-between jobs, on your bus commute, or just from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to safely use CBD products as medicine or open your own CBD store, Nebraska Marijuana College makes it easy to learn about the industry whenever is most convenient for you. Day or night, our classes are available 24/7.

12 Weeks of Access or Get Certified in Less Than a Week

We understand everyone learns differently, so we offer our industry training program for 12 weeks and provide downloadable handouts and certificates after passing the final exam.

Learn on your time as fast or as slow as you need. If you can’t wait to start your cannabis journey, you can complete the required content in under a week!

Industry-Leading Faculty

We’re proud to bring together the brightest minds in cannabis to share their knowledge about running a cannabis business. Our faculty have seen and played a part in how the industry has matured over the years and can guide aspiring cannabis workers and entrepreneurs.

Our cannabis educators have decades of experience and include lead research scientists, founders of vertically-integrated cannabis companies, law and business consultants, head cultivators, chemists, executive chefs, and more.

Access to 8 E-Books by Ed Rosenthal

Get the most in-depth look at cannabis cultivation, extraction, cooking, and more with eight e-books written by the acclaimed author and horticulturist Ed Rosenthal. Become a cannabis expert with classic titles like Cannabis Grower’s Handbook and Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts.

Our Students Are Proud to Be Nebraska Marijuana College Alum

We’ve helped more students get industry certified and find fulfilling cannabis careers than any other cannabis training institute. Check out our student reviews to find out how getting certified helped them find a job and start a business. We’re also raved about by several influential figures in cannabis, including Tommy Chong, Montell Williams, Redman, and B-Real. 

Staff Training for Businesses

If you’re a CBD store business owner in Nebraska or a cannabis business owner anywhere else in the world, our immersive staff training can get your team up to date with the latest in cannabis compliance, medicine, cultivation, and more. Our job training helps boost employee skills and make your operation run smoothly.

How Nebraska Marijuana College Works

Ready to become a cannabis employee or business owner? Enrolling in and completing our Master of Cannabis training program is super easy.

  1. Enroll in the Master of Cannabis program by paying a one-time fee, or use our buy-now-pay-later service.
  2. Instantly access hundreds of hours of course content for 12 weeks. Learn at your leisure.
  3. Pass the quizzes and exams and earn all 10 cannabis industry certifications. We have a 99.99% passing rate!

Industry certification from Nebraska Cannabis College can give you the confidence and skills to use cannabis legally and work in the industry.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Join the Cannabis Workforce Today

Become part of the green rush today by enrolling in Nebraska Marijuana College. Enrollment is open year-round, so you can start learning anytime. Don’t wait until Nebraska finally legalizes cannabis. Become a master of cannabis today!

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