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North Carolina Cannabis College is open for enrollment and you can sign up online right now. If you live in any city within the state of North Carolina, you qualify to become a cannabis student at the Cannabis Training University's online program today.

If you want a fulfilling and rewarding career in the cannabis industry, you owe it to yourself to make strategic changes to your future. One way to do so is to take advantage of open enrollment for cannabis training. Some people don't understand that the marijuana industry is much more than just smoking weed.

The Federal Government

The marijuana plant is beneficial to the health of human beings, even though the federal government would like you to think otherwise. The feds still believe that marijuana is a dangerous substance, but many patients with chronic illnesses that have tried medical marijuana show the opposite. Medical marijuana has helped a lot of people get rid of their chronic illnesses.

Many states across the United States have legalized weed and so it is become more accepting as an alternative means of treating chronic illnesses. For that reason, the industry is expanding and presenting more employment opportunities for so many people. However, not everyone understands the industry and the process necessary to grow marijuana.

The Qualification

That is what the North Carolina Cannabis College in collaboration with the Cannabis Training University is reaching out to various communities and offering the opportunity to learn more about what is necessary to get into the cannabis industry with the skill, knowledge and expertise that you should have.


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Without the necessary skills, it is going to be more challenging to show that you are qualified for any job opening in the industry. Qualification means that you will be taken more seriously by employers. It shows that you went to lengths to prepare for the job and for the industry.

The Courses in North Carolina                        

North Carolina Cannabis College offers a wide range of courses that you can complete online. You don't need to go to a physical classroom. This means that you have more convenience and flexibility. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. There are no deadlines to finish the course, but most students finish in less than six months. You will be challenged to learn as much as you can about the marijuana industry such as:

  • How to grow weed
  • How to cure weed
  • What you need to know to become a budtender or bud trimmer
  • How to plant weed inside and outside
  • How to get a medical marijuana card
  • What medical conditions qualify you to become a medical cannabis patient
  • The various marijuana strains and how they benefit the patient
  • Medical marijuana laws
  • Recreational cannabis laws

After taking the courses, passing the quizzes and then the final exam, you will get a marijuana certificate so that you can land a cannabis job in the cannabis industry. Certification puts you in a different pool of candidates seeking a job opening. You will be considered first before your competition. So get certified today!

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Additional Information

At North Carolina Cannabis College, all students are on an even playing field. You are the captain of your own ship and can complete the curriculum in the time you have set for yourself. The most important thing to do is to begin the enrollment process sooner rather than later. Enrollment is easy and quick. Take a few minutes from your busy schedule and go to the Cannabis Training University so that you too can begin your future in the cannabis industry.

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