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Ohio Marijuana College

In the state of Ohio, if someone is found with less than a hundred grams of marijuana, it is considered a minor misdemeanor, which has a fine of $150. If you have 100 to 200 grams of weed in your possession and are caught with it, there will be punishment of 30 days in prison and a $250 maximum. You will commit a felony if you are found in possession of up to 1,000 grams. You could spend an entire year in the local jail and a fine of up to $2,500 max. If you were to cultivate weed, the fines and punishment would be the same as it is with possessing it. However, culprits have an affirmative courtroom defense for this kind of cultivation listed in the law as long as it can be proven that the weed was intended only for personal use.

The Benefits

You can learn more about the laws of each state by enrolling in the Ohio Marijuana College and its partner, the Cannabis Training University. You will also have something legitimate and useful under your belt and something valuable to put on your resume for employers to see that you have a range of knowledge, expertise, skills and experience. When you become certified as a marijuana expert, it puts you in a higher pay bracket and it gives you more recognition with potential employers. You get to change careers, if that is what you desire and get into a field or industry that is growing in leaps and bounds. Those are just some of the benefits that you receive when you enroll and graduate from the Ohio Marijuana College. Let us look at how the program works.

The Program

The Cannabis Training University along with Ohio Marijuana College offers the right platform that allows prospective students a chance to become certified without the hassle. In other words, you get to take courses online in the comfort of your own home. You can access the online portal, anytime, night or day. You also work at your own pace and so there is no pressure by anyone. Just set your completion goal and stick to it.

Like Nancy Dougherty did. She signed up two years ago and set a three month goal to complete the program. She was only a few days past her completion goal, but she did it anyway. Now, she works in a Colorado marijuana dispensary as a budtender and she wrote a thank you letter to CTU for the opportunity that they gave her. You could be Nancy in the next three months, but you have to take action.


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The Industry                                                       

There are six courses to complete the Ohio Marijuana College program. For each course there is a quiz. In order to move on you need to pass the quiz. You will have to take a final examination once you finish all six courses. You need to have an 80% final passing grade to receive the final certification. Once you pass the program and become certified, you will be given a chance to land a career or a job in the cannabis industry. At CTU, you will learn:

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • How to cure, trim and plant weed
  • Operating a hydroponic system
  • How to figure out the cannabis laws
  • How to get a medical cannabis card
  • Making cannabis products

There are many other topics that will be covered. Now that you know all of this, it is time then to get more details on how to enroll by visiting the Cannabis Training University now!