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All new and updated online cannabis career training programs are up and running.

Cannabis Training University has updated all of its classes and added the latest cannabis laws and regulations.

With the cannabis laws changing so rapidly across the United States and Canada, CTU is on top of the ever-changing climate and helping students from all over the world train for a new career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Training University is an online cannabis college, with classes that can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world, and on any schedule, day or night.

The convenience of CTU's online marijuana school is what brings many of CTU's students in.

Rob Knevels, a CTU student from Detroit Michigan, “I enrolled at CTU because I am interested in the cannabis business and in a cannabis career. I don't have time to attend a sit down classroom and love the fact that CTU can be taken on my phone, or tablet, whenever I have time to get to it. Plus CTU is much more affordable than sit down cannabis colleges.”

CTU teaches students in all areas of the cannabis industry, including; how to grow cannabis indoors, how to grow cannabis outdoors, how to start a cannabis business, how to get a cannabis job, how to open a dispensary, how to be a budtender, medical marijuana, how to write a cannabis business plan, how to cook with cannabis, the history of cannabis, and cannabis extraction methods.

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University, “We enjoy giving our students the most cannabis education possible, and for the lowest price in the industry. Our graduates appreciate that we are affordable and give more for less.”


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Anyone can sign up for the online cannabis career training program at CTU, regardless of location, prior experience, or education level.

Some of the programs are often on sale for around $300 and is a fraction of the cost of other cannabis institutes.

The cannabis industry training programs at CTU is the leading and premier cannabis training destination in the industry, with more graduates than all other online cannabis colleges, and more students placed in cannabis jobs.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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CTU has been the leading online cannabis college since 2009 when doors opened in San Francisco, CA.

Now, with an online curriculum that covers cannabis laws for all states and countries, more and more students from around the world are signing up at CTU for their online cannabis career training program.