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How to Prepare for a Marijuana Career
How to Prepare for a Cannabis Career

It is obvious and without any doubt that the legal marijuana market is growing in leaps and bounds and creating one of the largest economic platforms the world has ever seen. Many states that have legalized marijuana are experiencing fast industry growth, which is not only good for the economy, but also to create marijuana jobs and cannabis career opportunities for people interested in getting into the cannabis industry.

Time is Now

The time is now if you want to embark on a cannabis career. If you know nothing about the cannabis industry, it is best to prepare yourself by being trained at a reputable marijuana school like the Cannabis Training University (CTU). In so doing, you will be better able to work efficiently, effectively and with the knowledge needed to excel in the industry.  With adequate training, you will also be more competitive as a candidate for employment. Completing a course at CTU will afford you certification, which can be included in your resume of achievements. This is a plus for a rewarding cannabis career.

Fast Growth

With the fast growth of the marijuana industry, job openings have increased in many states across the United States. Be prepared to meet other individuals with the same passion of embarking on a cannabis career. Like other job interviews, you have to go into it with knowledge about the company and the industry. You also must have good communication skills and other assets that the particular job may require. Let's just look at the basics of preparing for a cannabis career.

Conduct Research

There will be many applicants with little or no experience for a cannabis career. And that is okay as long as the applicants pursue the opportunity for training. However, first, research is necessary to find out which cannabis school has the best training. You also need to conduct research on which companies are the best to work for. The Internet provides applicants with enough information necessary to compare companies, especially those applicants who are serious about a cannabis career.

What to Look For

There are some specific things you can do to follow through with your research. These include:


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  • Joining the company's mailing list, newsletter or blog
  • Buy books related to the cannabis industry. Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes are some of the best experts. In fact, Ed Rosenthal is one of the instructors at the Cannabis Training University
  • Inquire from friends who understand and now the cannabis industry
  • Search various cannabis websites
  • Attend cannabis conferences.

The more knowledge you have, the better you will prevail and do well in a cannabis career. When you are not sure, ask questions. Most website owners and experts take pride in what they know about the industry and will answer your questions. However, it is still better to be in an environment where quality training is the focus.

The Mission of the Company

Another important aspect of preparing for a cannabis career is to know the mission of the company that you have an interest in. This is not an understatement. As a job applicant, make sure you research the mission statement and read it over more than once. This helps when you are in the interview. The interviewer will be impressed with the fact you went so far as to know the mission statement.

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Ask the Right Questions

During the interview for an open door to your cannabis career, be sure to ask the interviewer the right questions. Be as creative as possible. With the research you conducted, you will have the right questions at hand. Good luck in your cannabis career. To enroll in training, go to the Cannabis Training University right now!

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