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Puerto Rico Cannabis School gives a whole new meaning to higher education. On this island of promise, an all-inclusive online cannabis education can give you the confidence to use cannabis medicinally, land a cannabis job, or start a business. To become a cannabis expert, enroll in Cannabis Training University’s Master of Cannabis program.

CTU: A World Leader in Online Cannabis Education

As the first online-based cannabis training institute, we have experience building a community of industry-leading educators. We are committed to providing new or experienced students with a complete program that gives them plenty of new skills to enter the cannabis workforce.

Master of Cannabis: 10 Certifications For the Price of One

We believe in the value of learning about the plant and industry inside and out. That's why we have created a comprehensive Master of Cannabis program to give you a deep understanding of every aspect of the industry.

Our Master of Cannabis program includes 10 certifications:

  • Master of Cannabis
  • Indoor Marijuana Growing
  • Outdoor Marijuana Growing
  • Medical Marijuana
  • How to Open a Dispensary
  • How to Open a Cannabis Business
  • Budtender
  • Cannabis Cooking
  • Cannabis Extraction
  • Marijuana 101

Learn On Your Schedule From Anywhere

Our online-based cannabis training program is accessible wherever you are on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Getting industry certified at home or on the go has never been easier. We give you 12 weeks to fully grasp hundreds of hours of required and optional content so that you can become a knowledgeable cannabis user in no time.

Industry-Leading Educational Resources

Whether you want to learn about using cannabis as medicine or how extracts are made, we have you covered. Learn trade secrets from industry professionals only found in our Master of Cannabis program.

Our esteemed faculty includes industry-leading cannabis growers, doctors, extraction technicians, edible chefs, budtenders, and more. We're also proud to offer access to 8 of Ed Rosenthal’s books, giving you additional resources to go beyond the required learning.

High-definition videos take you to many cannabis gardens, processing facilities, kitchens, dispensaries, and more behind the scenes. Our HD videos include closed-captioning, making them accessible for deaf and hard of hearing students and easier to learn in sound-sensitive environments.

We provide dozens of downloadable handouts throughout the course, providing you with a distilled and handy resource. Handouts can help you retain the information you learned at CTU and improve your skills.

Get Certified From the World's Most Renowned Cannabis Training Institute

There is no national standardized cannabis training, although states may require specific industry training for business owners and employees. The right training can help you start your Puerto Rico cannabis career journey.

If you are looking to stand out from the job market, Cannabis Training University is for you. We provide the most recognized industry credential known by more cannabis business owners. Get complete training and boost your resume and cover letter with CTU credentials.

Start Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis dispensary applications are now being accepted in Puerto Rico. In addition, the USDA has approved Puerto Rico's hemp plan, paving the way for the island’s hemp industry. Although the competition is stiff, there are plenty of business opportunities for hemp and cannabis In Puerto Rico.

Our Master of Cannabis program includes business training on applying for a license, getting financing, finding a location, tracking inventory, creating a business plan and pitch deck, and more. We can help you jumpstart your cannabis business.

Whether starting a hemp cultivation business or dispensary, CTU’s online training program prepares you to enter the industry by giving you a well-rounded education on cannabis cultivation, cooking, extraction, careers, business, medicine, and law.

Learn How to Be a Resourceful Cannabis User

Although Puerto Rico does not allow home cultivation for its medical patients, there is still plenty of value in learning how cannabis can be grown, made into edibles, and extracted to create extracts and other infused products.

Our cannabis training program covers the essentials of setting up an indoor or outdoor garden, giving plants the right nutrients and water based on their stage of life, and harvesting the plant at the right moment.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

We give you step-by-step instructions on cooking with cannabis so you can infuse THC or CBD into any of your meals and snacks. We also show you safe methods to extract weed at home and give you the skills you need to work in the cannabis extraction segment. 

Enroll in Puerto Rico Cannabis School

When Puerto Rico finally legalizes recreational cannabis, it is set to become an even more popular tourist destination. To get ready for the massive cannabis boom or take advantage of its current medical cannabis program, enroll in the Master or Cannabis program at CTU.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a highly accomplished and versatile writer, boasting an extensive background in the cannabis industry. With an in-depth understanding of various sectors including cultivators, processors, retailers, and brands, Fred's expertise spans across the entire cannabis landscape. As a prominent contributor to CTU, he consistently delivers insightful articles exploring the latest developments, news, and regulations shaping the cannabis industry. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of cannabis products, cannabis strain reviews, or providing comprehensive analyses of cannabis laws, or sharing expert insights on cannabis cultivation techniques, Fred's wealth of knowledge positions him as an invaluable writer and educator for all cannabis-related subjects.

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