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Wouldn't you want to have a career that is rewarding and fulfilling? Well, you can. Rhode Island Cannabis College is conducting open enrollment for thier online marijuana courses.

The Cannabis Training University (CTU) has opened up a division of its online program, targeting Rhode Island residents, offering them a chance to be more equipped when changing or entering a new career.

This opportunity is once in a lifetime and potential students can take advantage of this so as to become ready for the cannabis industry and to have something substantial to put on their resume.

CTU was established in 2009. As the online program continues to grow, the staff is reaching out to communities across the United States, giving them new hope in landing a good job.

The Courses in Rhode Island                          

Rhode Island Cannabis College is offers a comprehensive program. Students from near and far can sign up. The courses are available to all reading levels since they start out basic and then graduate to more complex details, but students are not left to figure it out on their own. There are knowledgeable instructors that make themselves available to students who need help.

In addition, there are lots of tools and resources that students are able to access. These include videos, electronic books and handout.


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Taking these courses at CTU is easy because you can do this from the comfort of your home on a laptop or computer and at your own convenience and timing. The courses have been tailored to help students to succeed, finishing up in no time to receive a marijuana certificate and secure a cannabis job within the cannabis industry.

Obtaining Certification

You will be able to get certified faster than you think, depending on the pace you go through the program you can finish in a few months. It takes most students six months or less to complete the courses. At Rhode Island Cannabis College, a student like Vanessa Brown was able to finish her program in two months because she had a goal in mind and a cannabis job already being offered to her. She wanted to impress the employer with a master certification from CTU and of course, she was able to get a higher pay grade and a better position on the job. You can do the same too.

Additional Information

At Rhode Island Cannabis College, students should expect to learn as much as possible about the cannabis industry. CTU has a comprehensive curriculum that includes topics such as;

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • Making hash oil and edibles
  • Curing marijuana
  • Medical conditions that qualify for a license
  • How to get a marijuana license and a medical cannabis card
  • Different marijuana strains and what they do medically
  • Marijuana laws in each state
  • Landing a cannabis job
  • Benefits of marijuana
  • Becoming a budtender or weed trimmer

Rhode Island Cannabis College in collaboration with CTU is inviting students from all over the world to their online marijuana training program. The time to act is NOW. You don't want to be left behind as this industry takes off. You want to be on board, geared toward making your mark in the industry before it gets overcrowded with competition. Enroll in our marijuana courses today at the Cannabis Training University.

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