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There is an ongoing debate of whether people with the objective of getting into the cannabis industry should attend a marijuana school or whether they could start out in an entry level position and learn on the job. However, it is important to note that marijuana certification could be necessary if you want to land a good job and an extended cannabis career in the industry. There may be different requirements for certification for each prospective employer and for each state.

Receive Training

It is clear that there is an economic necessity for a marijuana school so students can receive training to work in any cannabis business. This is even more necessary as states continue to change their legislations and regulations. Potential cannabis workers will also need to learn more about marijuana potency, packaging, Q&A standards, best practices, and the changing legislation. Bear in mind that as the cannabis industry evolves, it will be definitely a benefit to attend a marijuana school so that you can be above the competition and land a better job as a cannabis candidate.

Hiring Qualified Workers

In the state of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, marijuana dispensaries are required to pay a sum of $500 to the state each time an employee is hired. The dispensary owners have to find a way to maximize a return on investment and to do so, they prefer to hire trained employees who can provide guidance to medical cannabis industry and knowledge about different strains and consumption methods. In the state of Colorado, marijuana dispensary owners also look for trained students, but will hire those who are untrained with the right focus to learn the industry and perform at the highest standard.

The Changes

The changes in the marijuana legislation continue to drive more interest for students to attend marijuana school in states where weed is legalized. More knowledge and education is necessary as laws change. The changing laws open up more opportunities for cannabis businesses and their employees and potential candidates.

Marijuana schools are increasing as a result of the need for skilled and trained workers in the cannabis industry. As new jobs are created and the marijuana business is booming, it is clear there is room for training.


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The Course

Some of the cannabis training schools offer crash courses that you can take in one day and some allow you to take as long as you want. You can study from the comfort of your home. You will have access to the course for up to a year after you have gained marijuana certification successfully. Study at your own pace and learn about various aspect of the cannabis industry. You also receive educational resources for ongoing research. You will be given course materials to follow along and videos to watch. This is especially instrumental for those who learn visually. This describes the Cannabis Training University where students learn at a level they can understand.

The Consideration

When you are choosing a Rhode Island marijuana school, you should consider

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  • The years the school has been in business
  • The education and experience of the instructors
  • The subject mater
  • The cost
  • Type of certification offered
  • The school's location
  • The type of classes or courses offered

Most students want to find a marijuana school that is affordable, reputable, accessible and dedicated to the cannabis industry regulations and legislations and cause. Take a close look at the options available to you but be sure to pick a marijuana school where the staff cares about your success and the Cannabis Training University would be the ideal choice.