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There are certain steps that you need to take, if you want to get a marijuana job and change careers. If you know nothing about the cannabis industry, then, your first step is to get training in everything related to marijuana.

A marijuana job is possible these days due to the legalization of marijuana in more states within the United States. If you really want to get your foot in the door, it is time to learn more about marijuana job preparation. Yes, you can get recommendations and on-the-job training from a hiring manager, but what better way to be prepared than to get cannabis training from a reputable school such as the Cannabis Training University? Below are details of how to secure a spot and prepare for the marijuana job industry.

Focus On Your Experience

If you want to land a job, you have to be specific about exactly what you are interested in doing. If you want to be involved in marijuana cultivation and you know little about the industry, you could start by becoming a trimmer.

Or you may already have experience as an administrator, so you could become a manager, sales person or office personnel. You could also consider using your experience in marketing, finance, law, business or other administrative duties. If you are experienced in customer service, you could choose to become a budtender.

Become Certified

To compete with other marijuana job candidates, why not get certified? In doing so, you will be at the top of the pack and hiring managers will view your resume sooner rather than later. Certification gives you an edge over your competition. It also propels you faster into the cannabis industry. You will have more learning experience through cannabis training. There are a few training schools that provide online certification. Once such school is the Cannabis Training University.

Become Acquainted

If you want to become acquainted with the marijuana job industry, make sure you attend related trade shows and conferences held annually at different locations. At these events, you will likely meet people within the industry that may be hiring. Make sure that you do not overcompensate for your lack of knowledge by talking too much and asking too many questions. Keep the tone conversational and professional. Be sure to end your conversation after no more than ten minutes and move on to the next person for more wealth of knowledge.


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Remembe , you may be speaking to a potential hiring manager, so make sure you sell your personality and any experience or training that you may have acquired. Assuming that you wisely brought along your business cards and possibly a resume or two, make sure you get these in the right hands. And grab as many business cards as you can.

Job Websites

Another way to prepare for your marijuana job is to search related websites for as much information as possible. When you have earned enough training and have enough preparation, you can start searching on marijuana job sites to see what jobs are being offered. Some of these websites include,, and; just to name a few.

Tailor Made Resume

Make sure that your resume is tailored to hone in on your experience and cannabis training. Highlight area of expertise and interests. Include your certification and place emphasis on your skill level. Last, but not least, write a winning cover letter. Make sure it is edited before you send it out. Send out your resume to as many hiring managers. Prepare for the interview for a marijuana job and follow up with the hiring manager after the interview. 

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